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Why Should You Choose Dry Cleaning

Why Should You Choose Dry Cleaning
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Dry Cleaning is the process of laundry cleaning using liquid solvents other than water. Since this procedure works without moisture hence it’s called “Dry Cleaning”. 

Dry Cleaning service, in different aspects, makes our life easier than ever before. This blog is going to show why should you should choose dry cleaning. 

History of Dry cleaning

Though the term Dry Cleaning sounds like a modern phenomenon, historically it is quite old. Dry cleaning has been traced to Roman times when people used this process with ammonia to wash woolen clothes which were vulnerable to shrinking, damaging and distorting in hot water.  Over the course of time, people opted for petroleum-based solvents like kerosene, gasoline etc. which were marked as highly flammable substances by the United Nations (UN). In the 1930s Dry Cleaners started to use perchloroethylene (Commonly known as Perc) instead of previous solvents. Later on, Perc has been identified as a carcinogenic substance that causes cancer in the human body. And, today commercial dry cleaners use more safer and eco-friendly substances for dry cleaning.

However, the washing process is much more advanced and easier nowadays. Traditional laundry washing can no longer withstand stains and odors since the damages also evolved over time. Regular washing can sabotage clothes like wool, silk, leather and other delicate clothes. That’s where dry cleaning can be a wise choice. Though most people still believe that it is an expensive and luxurious. But someone aware of this particular process considers that – it is now not an option anymore but a necessity to save expensive and delicate garments.  

There are myriad reasons out there why you should choose dry cleaning. This article is going to introduce with few-

Stain removal

Stain is the most unwanted and peculiar thing to one’s clothes. It could be mild, oily or grease-like complex. Whatever they are, stains can be categorized into two major types- Water soluble stains and Solvent Soluble stains. If you ever caught any stains on your clothes don’t wait. Assign a dry cleaner as soon as possible. Because the more time will pass the more your clothes’ life will be pangs of damage. Dry cleaners could have a magical contribution to restoring your garment’s glory.

Odor removal

As we tend to use our favorite outfits more frequently, they get more vulnerable to spread odor than other garments. Dry cleaners are the master of removing odors from your favorite garments. Whether it can be smoke-like or any other peculiar filthy odors, dry cleaning can eliminate them safely and efficiently.

Colour and Brightness

We know our clothes reflect who we are, and sometimes our personality and wisdom too! This reflection is illustrated by the perfect color code and their level of brightness. That’s why you don’t want to lose your garment’s colors. Dry cleaning helps you in that case too! Apart from removing the stains and odors, it retains your garment’s glory- its original, color and brightness.

Knowledge and Expertise

How much do you know about your laundry? You may be familiar with wool, cotton and silk, have you ever heard of acetate, angora and faille? There are numerous types of garments out there. They have different features and methods of washing. Each garment responds differently in and with different methods.  How do you expect the best outcome if you don’t have enough knowledge? From fashion to fabric and color to chemical, dry cleaners know all about your garments and outlook. They have the expertise to pull out the best results and so that you feel comfortable and confident with your outfits.

Extend your garments’ life

Normal washing is not enough. If you caught a stain in your cloth or if your leather garments get wrinkled and distorted, in these circumstances, normal washing may not help you anymore while dry cleaning can favor you with best possible results. Other than that, Dry cleaning retains your garments’ color, suppleness and original shape thus it can extend your garments’ life. 


Dry cleaners do finish your clothes superbly so that you don’t have to iron your garments pretty soon. This finishing touch gives you wrinkle-free, odor-free and stain-free, full-bright garments. And your appearance spruces up therefore confidence skyrockets.


Dry cleaners go through multiple steps. Inspection is one of them. In this stage, they securitize the whole garment in order to find out the bugs. If they find any error and they give further attention to your clothes to ensure the best result and meet your expectations.


Many dry cleaners facilitate preservation. They offer the opportunity to preserve wedding dresses and different heirlooms to preserve your expensive garments, heirlooms and memories too!

Repair and Alterations

Commercial and professional dry cleaners offer you repair and alteration services to provide you a one-stop solution.


Dry cleaners believe to save more!  They suggest you -not throw away your old clothes in the trash but rather take one last remedy from them. They are specialized in restoration. So you can bring back your memories, the color and texture of your old cloth with dry cleaners.

Upholstery and Household furnishings

Dry cleaners do not offer dry cleaning only. They are not only dry-cleaning specialists; they have expertise in textiles too!  Professional dry cleaners provide you with cleaning the upholstery of your furniture. They also offer Home and bedding laundry, Rug and Carpet cleaning etc.  

Laundry Service

Dry cleaners also provide laundry services to increase their customer facilities.  Conversely, some laundry service can offer dry cleaning to mitigate customers’ hassle.


To avail of a dry cleaning service, you don’t even need to go outside. There are thousands of dry-cleaning services around you that provide you free pick-up and delivery to your doorstep like Hamlet laundry do . Just search online and find the best dry cleaning service for you.

Jahid Hasan

Jahid Hasan

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