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Wash and fold laundry is the most common need for everyone. Most of the regular cloth used in the home environment needs to wash and fold regularly. We know London is the busiest town in the world. We are available 24/7 to survey you! We collect your dirty cloth from your door, will wash as need and do the delivery on the very next day to your door. It's affordable and simple, easy. We have over 20 years of experience in laundry, so you will get professional and reliable service from us. We offer the Best Laundry Service In London, 24 Hours availability, Pick Up And Delivery in Beckenham, Canary wharf, Feltham, Hampstead. Kensington, Clapham, Mayfair, Finsbury.


•              How does Hamlet Laundry in London strive for maintaining the best standards?   

Hamlet Laundry service in London is dedicated to provide customers with an excellent service with regular pick up and drop off facility at your very doorstep. We specialize in dry cleaning your clothes making them sparklingly clean and prevent them from shrinking. We use superior quality chemicals that are harmless and keep your clothes renewed and colorful.  

•              Does your hectic schedule leave you with no time to spend in leisure?

We understand your busy, hectic work schedules at home and office. Taking care of work and family is not an easy task. So, at Hamlet Laundry, we, try to unburden a little bit of your workload by taking care of your dirty laundry. Though washing clothes in your very own washing machine will surely save you money, it is time-consuming. 

Hamlet Laundry service in London, saves you some precious time, by taking responsibility for cleaning your dirty linen, so that you may enjoy the free time.

 •              How long are we in this cleaning business?

We are in this business for more than 20 years. 


•              How do we treat your clothes at Hamlet Laundry?

We have employees who have expert knowledge of taking good care of your clothes. Whether it’s your everyday casual wear or your favorite designer dress, we treat all clothes with extreme care and precaution.

•              Do we take care of stubborn stains on your clothes?

 Our employees always make sure, to check if any of your linen have stains or not, and treat it before washing them.

•              What are the timings of our services?

 Our services are available 24* 7 a week, making it, the best laundry delivery service in London.

•              What makes Hamlet Laundry in London services, exceptional?

Precision to tailored services makes us exceptional in this field. Whereas we keep our quality bars high, our prices never overburden your pocket. We charge a reasonable fee for the service we provide. 

              What kind of clothes and items we clean, at Hamlet Laundry in London?

With a vast range of service portfolios, we provide laundry for wedding gowns, your shirt, trouser, casual dresses, party wear, quilts, curtains, rugs, bedding and much more. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that you get your cherished items intact and well cared. 

•              Does Hamlet Laundry provide a home delivery service?

Pick-up and delivery of clothes are free of cost. 

•              What services do we provide to our valued customers?

We offer our customers a range of services like dry cleaning, laundry, ironing and much more. Our quality assurance team takes care of regular visual inspection to maintain standard quality for each item of your clothing. Our team reviews and offer a precise washing formula for each cloth, making your clothes sparklingly clean. That is why Hamlet Laundry service is the best commercial laundry service in London.  

•              How do you contact us?

Just give us a call, and we will collect all your dirty linen directly from your home, office or any city, that is, mentioned below. After 24 hours, you get them delivered washed and cleaned, neatly folded, or in hangers however you prefer at your doorstep. We provide our services wherever and whenever you want. Get price










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