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Price List

Open Button Hole £11.00
Trouser Waist In/Waist Out £20.95
Top Shortening £22.00
Lining - Dress £40.00
Coat Lining Repair £32.00
Patch Repair £18.99
Lining - Jacket £73.00
Trouser Lengthening £18.00
Small Repair £7.00
Repairs/Alterations £19.00
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Best alterations in London



Hamlet Laundry provides high-quality Best alterations in London at an affordable price.

•              What is the service we provide in alteration?

 From replacing a button to tapering your favourite jeans, we take care of all types of alteration of your garments to elevate your looks. Just bring them to Hamlet Laundry, and our in house tailors will make the adjustment you require.

Be it a simple pant hem or altering your bridal gown for the special day, Hamlet Laundry in London prides itself in providing you with a quality alteration. Restitching buttons, adjusting the length of a jacket, make them loose or tighten them to fit you like gloves, we recreate by stitching all types of a garment as per your requirement.

 •              What are the types of clothing we accept?

 Regardless of how expensive or branded your clothes might be, we understand that it would not look good until it fits you well. With the tailoring expertise of Hamlet Laundry, your garment will be altered with accuracy and precision giving it a perfect stylish finish.


•              Do we mend your torn clothes?

At Hamlet Laundry in London, we do alteration and repairs of all kinds of garments, like shortening/ lengthening, narrowing shoulders, tapering, taking in/ out waist, reshaping collar, replacing a zipper, patching and stitching and more.

We understand every fabric requires a different type of stitch and thread for mending and a little imagination to reshape. Our in house tailor is capable of reshaping your garments for your likes. The stitching is so fine that it is impossible to identify the repairing of a torn garment.

Be it an old worn-out shirt or jeans or a new dress we take pleasure in mending any garment given to us. Delicate material is carefully stitched, with expert hands.


•              What free services do we provide to our valued customers?

At Hamlet Laundry in London UK, you get a pick-up and drop facility for your clothing at no extra price. Our services are available 24* 7 for your convenience. From your most precious wedding dress to everyday regular casual clothes, we take care of all your shapeless and torn linens.

Hamlet Laundry, the best laundry in London provides superior quality service in most of the cities of London. Our services are scattered all over East London, West London, North London, South London, and Central London.


•              How can you contact us?

 Hamlet Laundry services in London is only a call away. So, give us a call from any of the designated cities mentioned below right now to enjoy the best alteration services for your garments at a reasonable price.