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How to Clean Your Sneakers

How to Clean Your Sneakers
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Sneakers are one of the most popular footwear all around the world. Apart from sports, gym or other physical exercise related industry Sneaker is also the favorite choice for all age people. Because, they love to wear it more as a casual wear in their daily life. Since they are an essential part of our fashion and daily wear, they are prone to contamination by dirt, dust and grime. This contamination not only makes them less appealing but also lessens their quality and longevity. So, it’s important to take care of them regularly like we care for our garments  to keep them looking fresh and to extend their lifespan. 

However in this blog we are going to talk about how to clean your sneakers step by step with some additional tips and tricks. 

Know your sneaker material 

First of all, we always recommend that, know your material. There is some information with  instructions in your sneakers box when you buy it. Know your sneaker material from it. It will help you to find out the best method to clean your sneakers. Different sneaker materials require different cleaning methods. For example, water is dangerous for suede sneakers, as it can damage the material. So never use water for suede sneakers, use a suede cleaner specifically designed for this material instead.

Remove excess dirt

Now the actual cleaning begins, take a toothbrush or soft-bristled brush to remove excess dirt. Brush off gently and ensure that you remove the dirt, mud or any grain like dust from the surface thoroughly. This step helps you to make the cleaning process easier. 

Make a cleaning solution

Since you know the material type of your sneakers, choose cleaning agents accordingly which suit the most. Mild detergent and soap are usually good options for sneakers. Keep in mind while choosing cleaning agents that bleach or bleach like harsh chemicals are extremely dangerous for your sneakers. They can not only damage your sneakers but also discolor them as well. 

However, after selecting the cleaning agents, mix them with water and make a cleaning solution. 

Clean the sneakers

After making the cleaning solution, dip a soft-bristled brush or cloth into the cleaning solution and gently scrub the sneakers. Scrub circularly and specially focus those areas which are particularly contaminated. Don’t wet the sneaker’s inside, since it can create a bad smell. However, in this stage try to avoid using a stiff-bristled brush or any abrasive cleaning tools. Because, these can damage the fabric or scratch the surface of your sneakers.

Rinse the sneakers

Having finished primary steps now it’s time to rinse the sneakers thoroughly. To wash the sneakers safely, use cool water or normal water. Avoid hot water because hot water can distort the fabric of your sneakers and thus damage it. However, wash your sneakers multiple times until stain, soap and detergent are removed and ensure there is no residue left after rinse. 

Dry the sneakers

To dry the sneakers put them in an open and well ventilated area. Let them be there for a few hours and make sure this place is dry, cool  and cleaned. You can put some soft and dry things like paper or polythene inside the sneakers. These will help them to retain their shape easily. 

However, to dry your sneakers do not opt for a dryer. Because artificial heat sources like dryers can distort your sneakers and damage their shape and fabric quality too. So, using natural heat like sunlight is a wise decision. 

Store your sneakers properly

To prevent your sneaker from dust and dirt it is important to store them properly. Always keep your sneakers in a cool and dry place. Dry places save them from moisture and thus are affected from fungus and bacteria as well. Also, keep them away from direct sunlight. Though sunlight is good for drying, if you preserve them in sunlight, gradually they will become distorted and discolored. For more safety you can go for a storage box for better protection.

Protect the sneakers

To keep your sneakers looking fresh for longer, and protect their quality, you can apply a protective spray. This will help prevent dirt and stains from setting in, making them easier to clean in the future and thus will increase their longevity. 

Additional Tricks and Tips 

Use a suede brush to revive your sneakers

Since sneakers are used heavily as footwear, they can easily be flattened or matted. In this case, use a suede brush to revive the texture and retain the quality of your sneakers. Brush gently to avoid damage. 

Use baking soda to deodorize 

If your sneaker spreads an odor or bad smell then sprinkle some baking soda inside them and wait for a few hours. Baking soda works as a deodorizer and absorbs odor. Thus, you will find a fresh pair of sneakers. 

Avoid  washing machine

You may think washing machines are very useful for deep clean. But in terms this washing machine causes more harm than cleaning. Spinning and agitation of washing can cause abrasion which damages your fabric. Therefore, try to avoid washing machines. 

Clean your laces separately 

It is better to clean your laces separately. Because, laces get easily dirty and absorb much more liquid than the sneakers. Though you can use the same cleaning agents for them but try to clean them separately. 

Use sneaker cleaning kit

Sneaker cleaning kits are more advanced technology than the conventional one. There are many sneakers cleaning kits available out there in the market. Choose one according to your convenience and use them properly to clean your sneakers even more easily.  

Be careful with colored sneakers

You may have colorful sneakers. Hamlet Laundry suggests being careful about them while cleaning. Because some cleaning solutions are highly reactive against color, they can contaminate and destroy your sneaker’s color easily. 

In a nutshell, by maintaining these steps you can keep your sneaker better in condition and longer in lifespan. Also these above additional tricks and tips also help to maintain your sneaker’s health smart and pristine in condition.


Jahid Hasan

Jahid Hasan

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