We pay all our attention to make you look perfect and stand out on any occasion. Items are washed or dry cleaned, as the material of the fabric, ironed & delivered on hangers by default.

We can assure you about the quality and cleanliness of the clothes you get back. Besides that, we don’t use any harsh chemicals or products that can harm your clothes as well as the environment.  Hamlet Laundry always working hard to give you high-quality service to all of our customers. We work all over London. Best Wash And Iron Service in London, Contact now & get 20% off on your order. 

Hamlet Laundry formed for the sole purpose of making your daily life a bit easier provides cost-effective professional services of the best laundry service of London at your doorstep.  
With your busy life schedule, it becomes quite difficult to do all the chores at home and work single-handedly. We provide a simple solution so you may get to experience more leisure time by transferring some of the workloads on us. An everyday mundane task like washing, drying and ironing of clothes may be taking up a lot of your precious time that you could have otherwise used with your family, kids or in some other important work.  
So, now it's time to remove the tasks that are time-consuming, like laundry, drying, ironing and folding of your clothes in neat piles and pamper yourself by sharing your workload and get ready every morning for your work in fresh, proper ironed clothes that not only make you look smart but also give you renewed confidence to face the day. 
Our laundry pick-up and drop services are always available in your area. We take only 24 hours to get your clothes ready for you to be presentable.  
At Hamlet London laundry and dry cleaning, we avoid ruining your precious clothes by never over-washing them, which may damage the fabric. We use a gentle cycle to ensure that your fabric texture and color remain intact. Stained-fabric is always taken care of with harmless chemicals before washing them with other clothes. Our experts first study the type of stain and chemical to be used to remove them. We run the dryer in a way to lessen the wear and tear of your precious clothes as the heat from the dryer may ruin your delicate fabrics. It may be a cause of shrinkage of clothes too. We gauge the kind of heat required to iron your clothes then go through it. As we understand, every fabric requires a different level of heat, steam and care.  
At Hamlet laundry in London UK, you get pick-up and drop facility of your clothing at no extra price. Our services are available 24 hours * 7 days, for your convenience. From your most precious wedding dress to everyday regular casual clothes, we take care of all your dirty linens. So, give us a call from any of the designated cities mentioned below right now to enjoy the best laundry service in London. 

Free Collection & Delivery

Hamlet Laundry award-winning highly trusted by customers offer free collection and delivery service for your laundry.  We cover all over London. Our expert fleet stuff are available around your area and ready to serve you as need.

We can collect your Laundry in 30 minutes time slot and can do the delivery within 24 hours.

Hamlet Laundry always agrees to be your own laundry provider in your daily need.  


Free pick-up & delivery to your home or office
48h turnaround available with our service
Pick-up & delivery times from 7a.m. to 11p.m.
Next day Laundromat service city of London

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Blouse / Top £6.00
Dress £12.00
Cushion Cover - Medium £15.00
hoody £5.00
Table Cloth (up to 2 m) £10.00
Duvet Cover - King £9.00
Cardigan £7.50
Duvet Cover - Single £7.00
Table Cloth (up to 4 m) £15.00
handkerchief £3.00
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