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Rubber Sole & Heel £58.00
Leather Shoe Clean £28.00
Half Soles £28.00
Ankle Boots Cleaning £38.00
Shoe Zip Change £23.00
Stiletto Heel £28.00
New insoles £36.00
shoe cleaning £19.00
leather sole & heel £49.00
leather sole £42.00
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Shoe Repair Service London


For the past few years, Hamlet Laundry has offered a Shoe Repair Service for our customers in the city of London. Our efficient team will ensure you face no difficulty and to provide is exceptional shoe repair services.

We Pride Ourselves on the Service we provide to our customers. We will work according to all your needs for leather and shoe repairs.


•              Why do you need to take your shoes to the dry cleaner?


Like clothes, shoes also play a vital role in our daily life. It defines our personality and adds a touch of class to our entire look. But be it a branded shoe or local slippers they need maintenance and repair as they tend to wear and tear over a period.


•              Does caring also include fixing the broken heel?


The heel of stiletto’s you wore at the party dislocated? No problem! Come to Hamlet Laundry and let our experts take a look at it.

At Hamlet Laundry, we specialize in repairing and mending your precious shoes and stilettos as well as their soles and heel so that your life may keep on moving without a broken heel. We try our level best to resurrect your old shoes, so you would not have to buy a new one and spend unnecessarily. Why getting a new shoe when your old one can be mended and given a new shine?


•              Who takes care of your shoes at Hamlet Laundry?


We have employees working at Hamlet Laundry for the last 20 years restoring your favorite brands. They are skilled, qualified craftsmen having excellent knowledge about shoe construction. They provide the best shoe cleaning and shining services. Your, favorite worn-out leather and suede shoes are handled by these experts, who repair and reconstruct them to look brand new again.


•              How good is our shoe Dry-Cleaning service?


Our shoe repair service is the best in London offering, repair of half-sole, leather sole & heel, Stiletto Heel, Rubber Sole & Heel, rubber soles, leather sole, New insoles.

Also, shoes and Ankle Boots cleaning is, done here.

Care and repair of your precious shoes are done with precision by professionals at Hamlet Laundry in London. And you can be assured that your precious footwears are in good hands.

Be it an old worn-out sports shoe or branded footwear we take pleasure in mending all that is, given to us. We make it our duty to treat each item with equal care and attention. Our motto is complete customer satisfaction. We thrive for appreciation from our customers.



•              Does Hamlet Laundry provide any free service?

At Hamlet Laundry in London UK, you get pick-up and drop facility of your shoes at no extra price. Our services are available 24 hours * 7 days, for your convenience.



In which cities Hamlet Laundry provide its services?

Hamlet Laundry, the best laundry in London provides superior quality service in most of the cities of London. Our services are scattered all over East London, West London, North London, South London, and Central London.

Hamlet Laundry’s expert services in London is only one call away. So, give us a call from any of the designated cities mentioned below right now to enjoy the best alteration services for your garments at a reasonable price.