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Best Laundry Service and Dry Cleaning in Anerley

Best Laundry Service and Dry Cleaning in Anerley

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Hamlet Laundry is willing to take care of your dresses. Taking care of your dresses has never been more comfortable. Hamlet Laundry provides free pick up, skillfully clean, and we provide free delivery service.

We are committed to providing outstanding and dedicated laundry service in Anerley. We have professional workers who are well-trained and skilled. They understand how to treat your dresses with maximum care. The facility centre places advanced machinery and dresses are cleaned by using the best quality detergents and fabric softener.

Anerley is the most progressive city in terms of commerce, population, and infrastructure. This city is one of the fastest-growing cities where you are needed to save your full time for job purposes. But, a professional is consistently considered to maintain a smart dressing style, and here, Hamlet Laundry can support you with its most reasonable laundry service in Anerley. it saves your special hours from time-killing laundry work and obtains your wardrobe prepared with ready-to-wear clothes. It also shows the best dry-cleaning service in Anerley for your expensive and delicate wear.

The generally used cleaning solvent in dry cleaning is perchloroethylene but this understood carcinogen can have a dangerous effect on the environment. While perchloroethylene is banned in most countries and assessed 80% of dry cleaners nationally yet utilize it. 

Our company is committed to supplying high-quality clothing care while supporting our clients and the environment.

Our Services

We provide various services such as Dry Cleaning Service, Laundry Service, Wedding Dress Service, Rug And Carpet Cleaning Service, Iron service, Wash & Iron, Home & Bedding, etc.

Dry Cleaning

Our Dry cleaning facilities are Excellent for anything you like to be washed, pressed, and deliver on a hanger. Once your dresses are picked up, we will provide you with a picture of each item in our care. Each piece of dress is checked for stains, so we can treat them separately. Then, Your dresses are returned, pressed, and on hangers, in your personal garment pack. Excellent for your daily laundry requirements, delivery is freshly cleaned and folded. Set your cleaning choices, which are detergent type and fabric softener. Before washing, we always check your pockets for loose things, individual lights, and darks, and never clean or dry your things with anyone else’s.

Home Services

We provide a Service for everything in your closet. You can select from any of the services such as home cleaning, car cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning & wedding dress all in one location. Always use our website and operate all these benefits in your comfort. Our company provides dry cleaning with professional service. We are experts in the laundry and dry cleaning company, which implies we always use the latest technologies, and washing techniques, and give the best solutions for dealing with stains or soft fabrics. We maintain the most raised norms of company integrity by observing local and national rules and environmental safety rules. Our company delivers a wide range of services for the perfect Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service in  Anerley, London, and We always give free pick-up and doorstep delivery. 

We are an honourable dry clean and laundry services firm, and we also offer in-store washing and free pick up. Also at our laundry, we provide an excellent dry cleaning solution at a suitable rate. Hamlet Laundry handles tremendous pridefulness in our duties, whether we are collaborating with massive corporate customers or with our special dry clean and laundry customers in Anerley. We are customers’ totally advanced dry cleaning laundry that will help your requirements with premium quality of service with current and modified modern technology. We are capable of providing fast service to all locations. Go to our website for the selection of dry clean and laundry services.

Why Are We The Best?

Hamlet Laundry utilizes less water and less energy  

Hamlet Laundry’s use of commercial, high-efficiency washing machines represents up to 70% less water is utilized as compared to traditional, at-home washing machines. Further, cold water washing and high-speed spin cycles seriously decrease energy expenses and carbon emissions associated with cleaning. 

Our company always utilizes biodegradable poly bags  

Traditional Dry Cleaning and Wash & Fold practices utilize plastic to provide your clean dresses to stay clean if they’re delivered to you. but, our company utilizes is biodegradable, suggesting it will naturally decay without generating harm. We always apply simple Eco-friendly chemicals from Laundry as well as dry-clean your good garments. Chemicals that we utilized are not just delicate to dress in cleaning but won’t harm the surroundings. We attempt to surpass our customer’s desires by offering exceptional services that are too pocket-obliging. We supply very controlled pricing for Dry-cleaning services in Anerley. To support you with maintaining your money, you can review our additional dry clean charges & packages. We provide a vast range of laundry services and the proper security needed for your dresses. We have experts and specialists to take your clothes in the most ideal method. We always understand the volume of your garments.

We are operating advanced technology, we can satisfy multiple duties, that are trading with your booking, that is dealing with your orders, just effortless scheduling, and you can automatically track online rankings, allowing customers with payment. We consistently utilize Eco-friendly cleaning skills that use approximately 54% less electricity and water as corresponded to routine laundry machines.

We are so aware of our surroundings so we simply utilize electric delivery vehicles in Anerley to reduce the consumption of water and electricity. Our experienced workers consistently make sure to review if any of your garments have stains or not, and also they treat them before washing. When you come back home after a long journey and your bedspreads and blankets are in a dirty and dusty situation. We are here to provide the best service, we offer a clean environment for your residents.

Hamlet Laundry gives you a wedding dress dry-cleaning service in Anerley, London. If you like to have your Wedding Dress in good condition, then contact us through our website.


The laundry service plays a very effective position in supporting and protecting the health and hygiene of you and your family and we supply relaxing and friendly surroundings to your family if you’re exploring quality outcomes without including doing a load of laundry by yourself, then you should choose Hamlet Laundry, the top-notch online laundry service in Anerley, London.



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