Home and bedding Laundry and Dry Clean Service In London

When you reach your home after a tiring day and your blankets and quilts are dirty and dusty! Don’t worry, let us do your laundry for your households and bedding. We take the utmost care to ensure great results.

With our blanket and quilt laundry services, we ensure a hygienic homely atmosphere for your house. The new look and feel of your house will make you more positive. Larger items require a different cleaning process. Home and bedding Laundry and Dry Clean Service In London, Up to 72 hours. Book a convenient pick-up and delivery time for all your laundry and dry cleaning. We provide this service in many locations in London.

Free pick-up & delivery to your home or office
48h turnaround available with our service
Pick-up & delivery times from 7a.m. to 11p.m.
Next day Laundromat service city of London

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Price List

Synthetic Pillow £9.50
Blanket - King- Dry Clean £22.79
Feather Duvet - Single £19.00
Mattress Protector - King £20.00
Synthetic Duvet - King £24.00
Feather Duvet - King £26.00
Blanket - Double £18.00
Paramedic Duvet- medium £35.00
Bedspread - Single £16.00
Mattress Protector - Single £16.00
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