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Larger items that require a different cleaning process. Priced per item, Up to 72 hours.

Home and bedding Laundry and Dry Clean Service In London


When you reach your home after a tiring day and your blankets and quilts are dirty and dusty! Don’t worry, let us do your laundry for your households and bedding. We take the utmost care to ensure great results.

With our blanket and quilt laundry services, we ensure a hygienic homely atmosphere for your house. The new look and feel of your house will make you more positive. Larger items require a different cleaning process. Home and bedding Laundry and Dry Clean Service In London, Up to 72 hours. Book a convenient pick-up and delivery time for all your laundry and dry cleaning. We provide this service in many locations in London.

•              How often do I need to clean my bed, rugs carpet and curtain to maintain hygiene?

To keep your home and bed hygienic it is advisable to wash or dry clean your duvet and other things like rugs, carpets, curtains that you use at home, at least once a year. During the night as we sweat, it leads to the building up of moulds in our bedding. An unwashed bed, rugs, carpet and curtains are the favourite home of moulds and mildews. These moulds, in turn, may lead to skin allergies and other chronic diseases. 

•              Why should I not clean my duvet, rugs, carpets and curtains at home?

Though some would like to clean their duvet and curtains at home in their washing machine, it is not advisable, as driers do not hold king-size beddings or too many curtains at one time. Moreover, it is not easy to dry duvets. Rugs and carpets are the favourite home of dust mites, and trying to clean them with water or detergent will only lead to pooling of moisture leading to the growth of moulds.

•              Can moisture destroy my duvet?

It is hygienically important, to dry the natural fibres inside the duvet thoroughly after a wash as the filling can hold onto moisture. This moisture can lead to rotting of the material, making it useless.

•              Is washing at Hamlet Laundry costly?    

At Hamlet Laundry dry cleaning services, all your washable items are dry washed at a very reasonable price. We also dry clean your dogs and cats' coats to make them look fresh.

•              How would I know if my expensive bedding is in the right hands?

At Hamlet Laundry in London, our experts know the duvets are usually filled, with feathers. So, we take extreme care to clean it. The staff at Hamlet Laundry has years of experience in this field and are fully capable of tackling such delicate matters of bedding. 

•              What about stains from food and coffee on my duvet, rugs and carpet?

At Hamlet laundry, our experts first check for stains to treat them with suitable detergents or chemicals whatever necessary, before dry cleaning. This step helps make your laundry sparklingly clean.

•              How would you take care of my feather filled pillow? 

Whether your duvet and pillow, is filled with polyester, feather, down, or silk, our experts make sure to do a deep and thorough cleaning of them. Our drying process not only keeps all your feather and down-filled items completely dry and odour free but fluffed as well. 

•              How fast can you pick up my dirty laundry?

We are capable of collecting your dirty laundry in 30 minutes and deliver them dry cleaned at your doorstep within 24 hours. 

•              How long have you been in this business?

We are in this business for more than 20 years becoming one of the best in London laundry and dry-cleaning services, winning highly trusted customer satisfaction. 

•              What are your timings?  

Our staffs work tirelessly to provide the best of laundry services to our valued customers. Our services are available 24* 7 in the cities mentioned below. 

•              How do I contact?

Just give us a call to avail our expert services. Get price online right now.

Our Reasonable Prices

Blanket - Single £16.00
Mattress Protector - Double £18.00
Beds & mattresses £27.00
Feather Duvet - King £26.00
Synthetic Duvet - Single £17.20
Feather Pillow £14.00
Bedspread - Single £16.00
Mattress Protector - King £20.00
Mattress Protector - Single £16.00
Blanket - King- Dry Clean £22.79

Benefits Of Service


Free pick-up & delivery to your home or office


48h turnaround available with our service


Next day Laundromat service city of London


Pick-up & delivery times from 7a.m. to 11p.m.

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