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Laundry Services for Nail Salons

Hamletlaundry Best Dry cleaning and Laundry Service in London
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Great nails require great laundry services

Commercial Laundry Services for Nail Salons in London

With nail salons budding in every corner of society, it is imperative that a salon offers exceptional customer service. It is now all the more important than ever before to stand out from the rest.

Laundry services for nail salons are not about cleaning, but hygienic cleaning. Those who run nail salons know the difference well.


In order to maintain high quality these days, nail salons must hire laundry services for nail salons, as health standards are usually required in nail salons while ensuring that laundry is properly disinfected, which is a must for nail salons.


Hamlet Laundry provides quality laundry services for nail salons. We use technologically advanced commercial washers and dryers that help drive nail salon businesses to the next level and set you apart from the tough market competition.

Our laundry service for nail salons in London has a 24-hour turnaround, but you can schedule to pick it up as per your wish as well.


Key benefits of Hamlet Laundry’s dry cleaning in London:  

Free pick up within 30 minutes.

Delivery within 24 hours

Same-day delivery is also available

Dry cleaning and ironing 

Highest standards of dry cleaning and washing

Value-for-money laundry cleaning services

Domestic and commercial laundry

Use clinically tested germ-removing detergents.




Our laundry services for nail salons pick up used dirty laundry in 30 minutes and deliver it within 24 hours, neatly washed and dried in a box, on hangers or folded, as desired, thus saving you a lot of time. Our laundry services for nail salons are available throughout London.

No matter how good your process of cleaning is, if your cleaning equipment falls short in giving you that brand new feeling of the washed laundry, you may run into problems.

So, hire Hamlet Laundry and avail the best commercial laundry service for nail salons in London.


Commercial Laundry

Hamletlaundry Best Dry cleaning and Laundry Service in London

From an owner-operated hair salon to a government hospital and everything in between, we are the most responsive and cost-competitive commercial laundry provider in your area.

Sheets & Towels

Our linen program covers a range of products appropriate for use in businesses of all types and sizes, from the bedding for a 100 bed hospital to the hand towels at a local shop.

Janitorial Supplies

We offer a flat weekly rental price for items which includes our sustainable laundering and delivery service. We are also available to launder items you may already own.

Entryway and Floor Mats

Our commercial laundry service offers standard or customizable floor and entryway mats for a professional, clean appearance at your business that also increases safety and comfort.


Hamletlaundry Best Dry cleaning and Laundry Service in London

Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

We use low-impact washing technology to provide you with higher quality clean than ever before. Our eco-friendly dry cleaning solvents are easily broken down by microbes, and thereby do not pollute the environment. Special formulations used by our laundry commercial services means that the solvents can remove both oil and water-based impurities, and prevent discolouring.

Wash & Fold

Our commercial laundry facility uses state-of-the-art equipment, machines and eco-friendly cleaning agents. We not only gently clean your linen with stain remover prior to washing but also iron it. Our commercial linen cleaning services, and commercial dry cleaners clean, disinfect and iron all your laundry items, using environment-friendly products.

Bag & Shoe Repairs & Shines

Our reputation for bag & shoe repairs and shine is built upon personal attention to details. Our services include soles, heels, upper repairs, and zip replacements. Shoe repairs are carried out by our qualified craftsmen who have a unique understanding of shoe construction and materials.

Package Delivery

Our package delivery crew will come to your address to pickup your commercial laundry, bring them to our London commercial laundries, where our professionals providing laundry services for businesses will process it, and our package delivery service will deliver it back to you to your schedule and instructions.

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