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How to do laundry during COVID-19: Do’s and Don’t

How to do laundry during COVID-19: Do’s and Don’t
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Hamlet Laundry is a London based company. It is providing you the best Laundry service, wash, and iron, Dry clean, Home and bedding, wedding dress, rug and Carpet, shoe repair, alteration services, We have 20 years of experience in the field. If you will use our service you will get free same-day collection and delivery within 24 hours.

Washing clothes is a common thing for everyone and in this Covid-19 time, you have to stay healthy and clean. So that Hamlet Laundry collecting your clothes from your doorstep and providing you 24/7 service. If you are Washing your clothes at home is a very good thing. Which it has already lived. This thing is very good for you. Can give you lots of peace.

Which helps to prevent the Covid-19 virus. You can be helpful to them.

Hamlet Laundry company is giving you the best service in London if you are Washing your clothes at home, There are some easy ways, which is good for you to laundry your home. This is the easiest way for you.

First, you have to wear hand gloves to take care of your clothes. When the body comes in contact with the fluid. When you are wearing hand gloves, do not take the hand over the mouth, you have to be alert for it.

  • Do at least the hands have to be washed with water or soap after 20 seconds. This again well. Wash the contaminated clothes in hot water. And use detergent containing bleach should do it
  • Do corrupted clothes have to be lifted carefully and slowly put inside the washing machine. By which germs will disappear.
  • Do Always use bleach or household pesticides during washing. If you have the chance of getting the virus, you immediately go home and change your clothes.
  • Do the All contaminated clothes wash with it? It helps to reduce your risks. By doing this you will not be at any risk for the virus. One more thing if you have all the contaminated clothes you have to wash them in the true sense

And you should not attach your hand or mouth before washing it. Always be cautious before washing.

  • Do not delay in washing clothes. If you want to protect your home from viruses, immediately wash all clothes.
  • Do not touch the clothes of a sick member. If you come to his attache, change your clothes immediately.
  • Do not try to wash clothes that whose spread the virus. If you want to save it, wait a while and wash it carefully.
  • Do not lump around clothes Always keep the clothes separate. If you keep the clothes of a sick man with your clothes, then the virus will grow more in it. In which there is a danger to your health.
  • Do not wash contaminated clothes with cold water. Always wash clothes with hot water. By which the bacteria spread in the contaminated cloth will end. One has to always be alert and pay attention to many things before washing clothes.

There are above some Do’s and Don’t, which is help you when you are cleaning clothes at home. If you are staying in London don’t worry about these things. Hamlet Laundry will give you the best service and they will pick up your dirty clothes free of cost. If you are interested to use our services just give a Call to 02080508031 within 24 hours will deliver your washed, cleaned, and folded clothes to your doorstep. Order Now! & get 20% off on all services.



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