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How To Clean Your Winter Clothes – Hamlet Laundry

How To Clean Your Winter Clothes – Hamlet Laundry
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The way our body needs extra layering of clothes during winters, likewise our woolen clothes need extra attention. However, it is quite challenging to maintain winter clothes. Most of the clothes ain’t machine washed and should not hang in any random manner. You need to invest extra time to look after them. How about outsourcing the help to maintain your winter clothes in chilled weather? Hamlet laundry service is a great laundry service in London.

Here are some tips, one can follow to cleanse the winter clothes:

Wool Coats and Sweaters – Woolen sweaters and pants need to wash carefully to keep the softness and quality alive.

  1. Avoid hanging wool coats in the close space breathing maintains the quality of the material.
  2. To remove the stains from the wool, blot the sweater in cold water or give it to the laundry service in London.
  3. Avoid hanging sweaters for drying to maintain the shape of the material. Lay it on the flat surface.

Cashmere- Cashmere is a soft material that needs extra attention.

  1. Use Hand – Irrespective of labels one should not wash them in the machine. Hand washes it with cold water. Add a bit of shampoo or Woolite to maintain the softness of the material.
  2. Avoid hanging your cashmere through your shoulders and keep it in a lump.
  3. To remove extra water use, a salad spinner or keep it on a flat surface and press gently.

Velvet – Velvet clothes are a great choice to wear during winters. But it’s quite challenging to manage it.

  1. Read the labels – Crushed Velvet can be washed in the washing machine. But some velvet material needs to be dry cleaned.
  2. Never Iron Velvet – Iron can crush your material and leaves an imprint on it. You can outsource the help from laundry service in London to get wrinkled free clothes.
  3. Try Steamer – To remove the wrinkles from the velvet cloth, you can use a steamer.
  4. Moreover, you can hang your velvet material in the bathroom while taking a hot shower.

Hamlet laundry is the best laundry in London. They are experts in cleaning clothes without compromising the material quality. Hamlet laundry uses different methods and detergents based on the cloth material. They offer cleaned, washed and dry clothes within 24 hours.

Hamlet is saving your clothes and time, place your order by using a web or phone app.

Enjoy your winters by keeping your wardrobe clean and warm. Get 20% on all services, order now!






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