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How to avoid looking sloppy?

How to avoid looking sloppy?
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Our outfits are one of the important parts of our life, especially in today’s world outfits play a crucial role to stand out among the crowd. There is a saying-

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Outfits reflect our personality, who we are, what we do etc.  Because these are the armour of human beings. Different people follow different dress-codes according to his/her profession, personality and as well as cultures. As we have to deal with different people in different places- offices, homes, parties, outings with friends etc. we prepare ourselves according to the situation. However, Whatever the case or situation is, we don’t want to feel embarrassed or inferior to others. Still, it happens sometimes whenever we make mistakes with our outfits. This article will talk about How to avoid looking sloppy which is unwanted to us.

We all want to appear in our office, before friends or at parties perfectly. We tried our level best for that though every time it’s not possible to do. Still, there are some minor things we should look at to avoid sloppiness.

Size Matters

Whatever we wear, size matters. Oversized or undersized clothes ruin our appearance and style. Do not wear any cloth that is too loose or too tight even. Because incorrectly sized clothes make our outlook ridiculous. So, if you are an office goer it may kill your day and you may feel humiliated in front of your colleagues or even your friends can mock you at a party with this bizarre look. Therefore, do a trial before you buy any clothes. In that case, remember- do not believe in tags only, because size differs from garment to garment. The safest way to buy any garment is to have a trial.

As shopping online is much more convenient in today’s world if you want to buy any cloth online, Hamlet Laundry suggests going through the measurement guides and then choosing what is appropriate for you. We know buying the wrong-sized cloth accidentally is a common tragedy. In those circumstances, you can take an alterations service to reshape your clothes according to your size.

Rips and Damage

Clothes are not permanent things; they have a life too. They can be changed and get damaged over a period of time. The best way to use them for a long time is to take care of them properly. Hamlet Laundry suggests cleaning your clothes according to the tags of your garments. If you have any leather-made clothes then condition them after a certain number of uses. However, if there is any fray or rip you notice in your clothes, please don’t put them on. Rather donate them to a charity if possible. Because, Ripped, frayed or worn-out clothes create bad impressions.


A wrinkle is the most common phenomenon in garments. If you put your clothes in your wardrobe without sorting and proper packaging then this peculiar situation takes place. Your clothes may get stained even from the color contamination of other clothes. So, make sure you properly sort your clothes and package them properly to preserve them for a long time in your closet.


To avoid wrinkles and unwanted peculiar shapes ironing is a great option. Try to iron your clothes regularly before you put them on. Ironing can keep your cloth at tip-top size which can incredibly boost your confidence.

We know you are busy with your tight schedule. In that case we suggest taking an ironing service that is convenient for you. There are thousands of laundry and dry-cleaning services out there nearby you in every corner of the world. They provide you Ironing service too. Even some laundry and ironing services like Hamlet Laundry provide free pick-up and delivery services so that you can focus on more important things!

Color Combination

Color combination or color code really matters in every situation wherever we are! We know using appropriate dress on different occasions is conventional. Nobody differs from that convention; we all manage this pattern instead. Wearing gaudy clothes in a formal situation can make us joker.

Understanding the color combination and implementing them in our outfits reflects our sense of taste and personality even sometimes our wit.

So, if you don’t find the right match, how do you solve the riddles or problems in your life? Think and choose the best combination for you and stand out!

Discolored clothes

Discolored clothes can discolor your career! Sounds harsh? But honestly speaking- discolored clothes drastically lessen your confidence level that may possess a negative impact on work and thus your productivity level. With discolored garments, you may feel inferior to your colleague because they maintain properly fitted and coloured clothes.

However, we have good news for you- if you are using a discolored white shirt which has already been turned into a pale yellow color then you can restore its glory, its original color! Just wash it with bleach (Sodium hypochlorite). But don’t use it if you have an allergy. In that case, Hamlet Laundry recommends you to use Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) or mild Hydrogen Peroxide to wash your clothes and dry them.


Pilled clothes

We all like to use our favorite outfits more frequently than other garments. That’s why they are more likely to be pilled or get linted. Lints or pills are little in size but they can occur great sabotage to our outlooks. So, don’t wear linted or pilled clothes outside.

The other solution is to use lint rollers prior to using your garments. Lint rollers are handy and easy to operate. They can plain your clothes like brand-new garments and make your outlook smooth and smart!

Furred Clothes

There are millions of pet and animal lovers all over the world. You might be one of them too! You have a lovely cute pet in your house. If you have a black garments then it will reflect boldly and create a messy and tacky outlook. In that case, you can use lint rollers too!

Underwear garments

We have to put on undergarments as part of hiding and caring for our reproductive health. Some of us yet know how to use them properly and smartly.  As a result, very often they are bullied by their colleagues, mates or circles.

So, handle your undergarments properly so that none can mock you. Whenever you are ready for heading out for an event or your workplace, check and recheck whether everything is fine or not. In that case, you can take help from your partner or check yourself in front of the mirror.

Polishing & Repairing Shoes

Our shoe bear the whole wight of our body whole day long. They have to undergo huge pressure and hassle more than any other outfits. So, They deserve special care and treatment from us.

As we use our shoes more frequently than any other outfits that’s why they tend to get discolored or scuffed on the leather or their soles may be worn-out pretty soon. Condition or polish your leather shoes at least once after 20 times of use. In that situation, we recommend the best cobbler in the town who provides shoe repairing service to restore shoe’s suppleness and beauty.

The Final words

Our outfits shape our outlooks thus reflecting our sense of taste and even who we are! So, it is always important to maintain a good and comfortable outfit. In this regard Hamlet Laundry is here, in London, to help you. It provides a 360° laundry service including shoe repairing so that you can one-stop service from here regarding your outfits.

Plus, Hamlet laundry provides you free pick-up and delivery service at your convenient time in your convenient place so that you can focus more on your other important tasks.

If you’re outside the London Hamlet laundry can still help. Read our blogs and article on laundry and outfits from anywhere in the world.

Stay blessed, Stay tuned!



Jahid Hamlet

Jahid Hamlet

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