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When Should You Dry Clean Your Laundry Suit?

When Should You Dry Clean Your Laundry Suit?
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Clothing is the armor of a person. They reflect what we are, our personality, and also our level of confidence. However, in this supersonic world, we are busy with our own jobs. There are a variety of workplaces out there. Different workplace allows different outwears. Among all, Suit is the most popular workplace outwear for millions of employees around the world. Not only that suit is suitable for the different social and cultural programs as well which help you to give a different outlook among the crowd.

However, as the daily office-going person, we tend to use our suits more frequently. As a result, stains become inevitable to them. This article sheds light on how frequently you need to dry clean your laundry suit and how to take care of them.

What is Dry Cleaning? 

There are some rumors and misconceptions all around about this particular term. Some people believe that “Dry Cleaning” may be cleaning laundry or clothes without the use of any liquid. But, “Dry Cleaning” is not like this. Rather, it is a method of cleaning laundry or clothes using solvents without water. This process is applicable for those garments which are poorly reacting to water. In this procedure, clothes are put in a huge machine to remove stains without the use of any water. That’s why it’s called “Dry Cleaning”.

How Frequently Do You Go for Dry Cleaning?

Well, it depends. Let’s ask an interesting question- Do  you usually wash clothes that you don’t wear? No right? So, the frequency of cleaning your laundry should follow the same rules. That means the more you wear your suit the more the suit’s cleaning frequency will be. By the way, there are many types of the suit in the market. So, you need to know which type of suit you are dealing with. Like-

2-piece Suit

It is the most popular suit for the office or formal look. A 2-piece suit consists of a jacket and a trouser.

3 piece Suit

 A 3-piece suit consists of a jacket, a trouser and a waistcoat (vest). It is, basically, warmer than the first one.

 4-piece Suit

 A 3-piece suit consists of a jacket, a trouser, a waistcoat (vest) including a matching bow tie.

5 piece Suit

 It is called the perfect suit of all forms with a jacket, a trouser, a waistcoat (vest), a matching bow tie and a dress shirt.

Cleaning Frequency


Among these above-mentioned parts of your suit shirt are more vulnerable than others. It gets easily stained and loses its freshness. That’s why we suggest washing or cleaning your shirt maximum after the 3 times you use it.


After shirt trousers or pants or second from the easily stained list. So, don’t use them after a maximum of 3-4 times otherwise mold or bacteria could be grown on your shirt’s fabric which can easily damage your cloth.


Your waistcoat doesn’t bear as much load as your shirts and trousers do. Still, it can absorb the sweat that passes through your shirt. So, it will be better if you wash them once compared to the twice the time of your shirt washing.


A tie is the tiniest part of your suit but they hold a huge impact on your outfit. This tiny material is less likely to be stained than any other part of your suit. But we recommend that if you wear them everyday at the office please do it in a 10 days interval, thus 3 times in a month.


You are already aware that a Jacket is the most important part of your suit. Sometimes people considered it as a suit though. However, as it is the most crucial component so you have to pay attention to this more than any other part. First of all, we suggest you that know the level of your suit. There is adequate information given in the tag by its manufacturers. It will help you to take the rest of the steps more efficiently. However, if you are a regular office goer person, we recommend using 2-3 jackets. That will mitigate the pressure on one jacket only. On the other hand, it is a safe option for you. If there is an accident, then you will have your own options.

By the way, According to Hamlet laundry, it is necessary and of course safe enough if you clean them 2/3 in a month if you use a jacket regularly otherwise your jacket will be a hotbed for mold and bacteria which will cause irritation on your skin.  But, if you use a suit occasionally once a year then we suggest cleaning it after you put it off, of course, you have to maintain other necessary steps to keep your jackets as much as stain and odor free to increase its durability and lifetime. Like-

Rotate your suits

If you are a regular suit user, we suggest, don’t wear the same suit every day. Keep your options, use 2-3 suits instead, and use them rotationally. This will help you to keep your clothes clean and hygienic and will save you from unwanted embarrassment in your workplace. 

Use Hanger

Allow your jacket to hang when you are not using it. Wooden suit hangers will help you to keep your suit or jacket in shape. You can use them in your office or your home. A wooden hanger protects your suit from unwanted wrinkles or creases.


Before or after wearing your jacket, brushing your clothes thoroughly will help to remove the grain-like dirt from your clothes. It will avoid the dirt from mixing inside and discolouration and give your clothes a longer life. If you don’t have a brush you can go for a lint roller instead.

Use a steam cleaner

In terms of jackets, we always prefer Steamer instead of Iron.  Because a steamer is less likely to harm your garments especially: Jacket.

So, before you wear the jacket to mitigate unwanted wrinkles or creases you can use a steamer. This will give you a fresh look. Remember to use the steamer in the lowest range of heat.


When you want to preserve your jacket or suit, use a well-ventilated cover so that air can easily circulate inside it.

All these above-mentioned maintenance procedures will prolong your suit’s life.


Not everyone is an expert in Dry Cleaning, not even every stain is easy to remove that’s why the wise decision will be to seek a professional. Because at the end of the day you don’t want to waste the expensive outwear of your wardrobe.

So –

  1. Don’t go for a dry clean usually, go only when you need it desperately.
  2. Try to get the touch of professionals don’t try home remedies (If you don’t have expertise on this)
  3. Use your suits rotationally.
  4. Obey the previous rules we mentioned above to prolong your suit’s life.
  5. Choose an Eco-friendly Dry cleaner.

The final suggestion

In terms of dry cleaning your laundry, we always prefer you to have the touch of a professional. There are thousands of laundry and dry-cleaning services nearby you. Just search on the internet and go to their websites and choose an Eco-friendly Dry cleaner.

If you are in London, we, Hamlet laundry, are here for you to provide the best laundry and dry-cleaning service in your area and also all over London. Just visit our website and put an order, we will care about the rest.

But, for the outsiders ( who live outside London) keep reading our blogs and articles to know more about your laundry and laundry-related topics to ease your life!

Jahid Hasan

Jahid Hasan

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