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10 Laundry and Ironing Tips for Professional Clothes

10 Laundry and Ironing Tips for Professional Clothes
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Tidy and ironed clothes are a fundamental requirement for professional life. One always looks magnificent,  with neat and well-ironed clothes. You can outsource the helping hand, such as the Hamlet Laundry. With the help of our experts, we have found the quirky tips of ironing and laundry.

Check out the tips below to make your professional clothes better:

  1. Wash Properly – The clothes should be washed properly. Never hang shirts directly on the rope. Always put them on a hanger for drying.
  2. Ironing Board –  If you are doingironing at home, use the whole board. The board should have a flat and even surface. If you are ironing pants, trousers and long clothes, keep them in landscape position. To maintain the crease of the bottoms, try the Hamlet Laundry
  3. Check Iron’s Base Plate – Do you even check the iron base plate before ironing clothes? We often iron clothes in a hurry and forget to check the iron base. Stains on the iron can tint your favourite professional suite. Make sure you clean the iron before running it on your clothes. Use baking soda with water and apply it to the plate to clean it.
  4. The cloth should be Clean – Never run iron-on dirty clothes. Heat makes the stains permanent. They won’t go off of your clothes. Wash your clothes properly before ironing them.
  5. Cloth Material  – One should know the cloth material before running the iron on clothes. Sometimes, we use high temperature on delicate clothes, which can burn the cloth piece.
  6. Temperature – If you know the fabric of the cloth, set the temperature accordingly. Usually, delicate synthetic clothes should be ironed at a very low temperature. Always check the temperature first.
  7. Iron Inside out – If your cloth is looking good from ironing outside, no need to iron it from the inside. Wrinkle in the collar, cuffs and hems is quite common. Iron the shirt inside out. To get a wrinkle-free shirt, try the best laundry in London.
  8. Middle Seam – Do you want your pants to look formal? To get the middle seam, press it sideways.
  9. Correct Order – Follow outside in procedure. Start with the collar, then iron the cuffs and in the end iron the shirt.
  10. Regular Cleaning of the Iron box – Clean your iron box frequently. Always place the box in the clean area. If there is too much stain, try using baking soda and water solution.


However, if laundry and ironing is not your cup of tea. You can try the experts in the field like –  Hamlet Laundry. Go to the website or use an app, place an order with one tap. Get tidy clothes at your doorsteps within 24-48 hours.




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