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Caring for your Baby’s Clothes

Caring for your Baby’s Clothes
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Life is full of a bunch of gifts. Throughout our life, God blessed us with a lot of gifts. Among them, children are the best gift from our beloved creator. They just complete us as human beings. Without children, life is like a barren field deserted all alone. However, along with all the happiness, they (children) come up with a huge responsibility for us, and we become more concerned, responsible and obviously more active for the tiny member of our family. We think and act with utmost care to keep our tiny members safe, sound and healthy. Among many other aspects here this article will cover how you will care for a baby’s clothes

Caring Baby clothes

Clothing is the most viable pathway for germs and bacteria that your baby is exposed to. As we know that babies are more tend to make their outfits dirty than adults. Dirty clothes are always a hotbed for mould and bacteria-like microorganisms and these microscopic creatures leave your babies more vulnerable to irritation, catching more infections, and even worsening skin diseases or allergies. So it is crucial to wash and keep clean your baby’s clothes as the primary level of protection from the troubles mentioned above.

On top of that babies do not have a mature immune system as adult people do, so they need extra care to remain safe and healthy.  Here are some tips you may follow to care for your baby’s laundry:

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Comfortable Clothes

We are all very concerned about our children’s health and comfort. As they are not grown enough to make a choice, it is your responsibility to choose beautiful and comfortable clothes for your baby. Here, comfort should get the highest priority. Because at the end of the day we all want comfort with our outfits and so do our babies. Do not opt for tight, compact or stiff type clothes. They will suffocate your baby or make them irritating. Rather, go for the loose pyjama-type well-ventilated clothes. They will provide enough suppleness to comfort your baby and your baby will remain safe with the beautiful smile on his/her tinder cheek.

Wash before wear

“Pre-washing baby clothes are safe for your baby’s skin; this may protect your baby from unwanted irritation”-You might hear this from many campaigns or parenting books. Well, this is true for not only babies but also adults as well. Even it should be obvious for your baby’s health as well since we know prevention is better than cure.

Garments had an unknown life before we used them. They are manufactured with different biodegradable or non-biodegradable chemicals and then come into transportation and warehouse or fashion stores. They had to overcome a long path where these garments tend to be contaminated or became dirty. So, it is safe, as a prerequisite step, to wash your baby’s laundry first and then let them wear it.

Know the levels

Before you wash any kind of clothes no matter what it is for a baby or adult, please go through the level, or read the tags of the clothes that you are dealing with. Because it is wise to know what types of clothes you are dealing with. There are a bunch of information you may find here. Read the instructions and work accordingly.



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Sort out the clothes

Before you wash your baby’s laundry, first of all, try to sort them according to the tags, or you may also sort them according to the colour. Because, if you proceed that way, your work will be easier, more precise and more effective. Moreover, sorting out clothes according to colour will help you to keep your clothes from colour contamination. This trick is especially crucial for white laundry. If you are going to wash the socks and bib of your tiny child then we, Hamlet laundry, recommend you to keep them in a mesh bag first and then wash them thoroughly.

Pre-Soak the dirty clothes

When your baby’s clothes become dirty, soak them in cold water. This will weaken the stain. Don’t go for hot water because this works conversely. Hot water may make the stains permanent on your baby’s laundry as most of the stains in baby’s clothes come from protein-made stuff like poop, food, spit-up or sometimes urine. So, be careful about these things. But, If the laundry is contaminated with dust or mud only you can use hot water for pre-soaking if the tag/level allows.

Choosing Detergent

The tiniest member of your family has soft, delicate and tender skin. So, you have to choose a detergent which won’t bother her skin. In this case, the pediatricians recommend using eco-friendly non-fragrance detergents since fragrance-type detergents are made from chemical substances. Your baby’s skin can easily be exposed to irritating or other allergic reactions. So, it is highly recommended to go for hypoallergenic detergents. In this case, liquid detergent should get priority over the power type-detergents. Moreover, one can opt for natural detergents like- Epsom Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), Sodium Carbonate (washing soda), Sea Salt, Talcum powder (to absorb oil) fruit and vegetable juice and different types of natural enzymes (enzyme particularly digest proteins and thus your clothes get rid of them).

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Wash & Dry

Once you follow the above steps means you are on the way to washing and drying your baby’s clothes. Now, check the residue on the laundry again. If there still remain any stubborn or strong stains or spots make a 50-50 solution of water and baking soda (a few spoons) until it turns into a paste then coat the stain with the mixture and wait for 20-30 minutes eventually stain will remove if you fail again you have to go for using bleach as the last resort.

However, you can use the liquid solution of vinegar to remove the odor from your baby’s laundry.

Rinse twice to make sure that bacteria and germs are wiped out. Last but not least, soak your baby’s clothes in a lukewarm temperature so that fungus-like microscopic organisms cannot breed here. Now, dry or heat them in the sunlight. Sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant so go for it. But, remember, dry them for a limited period of time otherwise clothes might be drastically discolored or they can shrink.


As you want the best in every aspect for the utmost care of your child, it is important to know some major precautions while you wash your baby’s clothes:

1.    Go through the level of the clothes that you are dealing with and wash them accordingly.

2. Never use fabric softeners for baby’s garments. They contain harmful chemicals which are dangerous to your baby’s skin.

3.   Never opt for fragrance-type detergent for baby laundry.

4.    Don’t go for bleach.

5. If your baby has any allergic problem then consult with a doctor first then use a detergent according to his/her advice.

The Ultimate Tip

Undoubtedly, a baby is a blessing to our life. But they make our schedule more hectic. Some of us even cannot manage to give quality time to our babies let alone take care of the garments they wear. Some parents are obviously so dedicated to their babies. But, Not everyone is the master of washing and caring for a baby’s laundry. To fill this lacking, to make your life more easier and comfortable we, Hamlet laundry, are here in your area. Grab our service all  over London and read our articles and blogs to know more, about laundry and laundry-related anything, from any corner of the globe.

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