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There are numerous advantages to utilizing a laundry conveyance administration as you have perused in one of our past sites, however for what reason would it be advisable for you to utilize Hamlet Laundry rather than other conveyance administrations? Indeed, there’s no other like us. Look at the following focuses to discover more concerning why we’re the better decision for you. Try this best laundry service in London.


There are some different laundry services out there that offer comparable types of assistance to our own. However, the thing that matters is that they just handle the request and pass it through to cleaning and clothing. In those cases, the laundry is the one answerable for getting, cleaning, and conveying your things back to you. You have no clue about what their identity is and in the event that they’ll deal with your garments with the consideration required. In different cases, your things are gotten and conveyed by dispatches utilized by a totally extraordinary organization. Who is subject to your things on the off chance that they are harmed or lost?

At the point when you request from Hamlet, We get your things, review them, takes them to the proper accomplices, picks them back up from the accomplices and conveys them back to you. We pick your clothes, bedding, curtains on our own responsibility, we laundry your stuff with love & care. We deliver your stuff on verified address with proper packing.

No center man. Less possibility of something turning out badly, similar to things disappearing, or being harmed. Subsequent to cleaning or fixes, we store your things in our laundry until they go out for conveyance. We’re likewise the ones assuming on the liability of your things when they leave your hands. You can have confidence that in those uncommon cases something turns out badly, you’ll be covered.

2. Improve With Us

We’re just about 20 years in now, and we can’t recollect how our administration, site, and quality were the points at which we initially began. Such a lot of progress has occurred throughout this brief time frame. We hear you out and we adjust. We’re continually chipping away at approaches to improve your involvement in us. Changes happen frequently. In a year you probably won’t recollect the cycle as it is presently!  We provide the same day dry clean service in London.

3. Ensure The Quality

Great individuals proficient reliable well disposed assistance

At the point when you request from an alternate supplier, you can’t be sure whether your things will be treated by tried cleaners or shoemakers. We test our accomplices prior to working with them, accordingly guaranteeing high, predictable quality, every single time. Our accomplices are capable and known in The Hague region. They are not the norm “around the bend” stores. They are experts with names for themselves.


Our costs don’t contrast much from your neighborhood cleaner. The solitary huge distinction is that we offer more advantages at that cost. Our costs incorporate get and conveyance expenses and following day administration. Indeed, even our end of the week and night costs are the equivalent. We likewise offer unwavering ness cards. With this reliability card, you can gather stamps on each request. Dedication card benefits incorporate a free bed sheet bundle administration, shoe clean help, and eventually, 20% off on the services. You won’t get that bargain at your nearby cleaner.

5. Reward: Save Your Time

Same day pickup & delivery service

By the day’s end, our principle center is making your life simpler inside and out we can. Indeed, we care about appropriate cleaning and fixing of your things, yet with Hamlet, you get something other than clean garments and cleaned shoes. You get true serenity. You get more opportunity to relax. We work day and night to make your life simpler. Here’s somewhat more about how our administration functions.

Call now! and order laundry service right now. Email: or call : 02080508031



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