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Shaggy Rugs and Carpet Cleaning Tips

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When it comes to shaggy rugs and carpets, the cleaning task is a bit difficult. Unlike your dirty clothes, you can’t just roll up the carpet and throw it in a washing machine. Depending on the fibre, carpets require adequate cleaning and maintenance and avoiding this cleaning task may decrease its lifespan significantly.

Rug And Carpet Cleaning Service

To help you with rugs and carpet cleaning, below are a few simple tips to follow:


To begin with, try your level best to prevent problems from arising in the first place. For instance, ask your kids and guests to remove their footwear prior to stepping on carpets. Furthermore, try not to consume food and drinks near the carpet area.

If your rug is decorative or expensive, it’s not recommended to spread an area where there is a lot of traffic. Instead, prefer placing your costly carpets in a doorway that particularly kids or pets do not use very often. Doing this helps a great deal in leaving all the dirt and debris outside your place.

Vacuum regularly

To get rid of all the dirt, debris and mess, make sure to clean your rugs and carpets with a vacuum on a regular basis. To make the task more convenient, prefer hiring the Best Rug and Carpet Cleaning Service London. The professional service offers the most effective way of getting rid of anything around the carpet.

Clean spots and stains immediately

Responding immediately to the stains and spills will unlikely cause a permanent mark on the carpet. On the other hand, leaving it for too long can develop a permanent feature on your rug. Many scrub the stains or pour water on them, however, this is not recommended. This is because rubbing too much can wear out the fibres on the surface of the carpet, making it look aged and damaged. Alternatively, some home remedies do wonders on spills. Mild shampoo or vinegar can be used to spot clean instantly. Doing this won’t cost you a dime, instead, help you get rid of spills right away.

Special cleaning

For extremely dirty carpets, take them outside and beat them with something solid to remove any dust and debris that even a powerful vacuum cleaner can’t pull out. However, this cleaning is not meant for old or delicate carpets as this may damage them more.

The Takeaway

Following the above tips will help you take care of your dirty rugs and carpets. For larger surfaces, it’s better to get professional service care and clean rugs and carpets. This is because the best rug and carpet cleaning service in London retains the proper training, equipment, resources, and labour to efficiently clean all types of flooring for any property.

In order to have a tidy and beautiful carpet, your cleaning work begins with prevention methods and ends with immediate action and treatment. Considering all your options, go ahead with hiring the best professionals based on your needs and budget.

Hamlet Laundry is a reliable name in London, that provides a wide range of cleaning services to residential and commercial properties, including rug and carpet cleaning. Reach out to us today at 020 80508031 for a free quote!

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