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Choosing the Perfect Dry Cleaning Service for your Wedding Dress!

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Wedding dresses are usually expensive garments and thereby cleaning them is a task in itself. Of course, you can always try cleaning the dress yourself, however, this is not recommended. There is a professional wedding dress dry cleaning service in London which specialises in cleaning casual clothing for expensive wedding dresses.

Among other ways of cleaning such as hand washing, machine washing and even spot treatment, dry cleaning is the most preferred way according to its fabrics and accessories.

Be it a wedding gown, or expensive lehenga, dry cleaning fits best to wash a complicated dress. Specifically, when the gown is made of fabrics such as silk, crepe, lame, brocade, georgette and similar types. In this case, the safest route is taking your wedding dress to professional dry cleaning.

wedding dress dry cleaning service in London
With so many dry cleaners around you to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect one considering the below aspects:

  • Not all laundry and dry cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly. Green cleaning techniques are always non-allergic and make your wedding dress look brighter and softer. It’s better to confirm which products are used by the laundry firm you choose.
  • Ask the dry cleaners whether they use standard cleaning chemicals or not. The use of conventional dry cleaning solvent works for most items, however, sometimes they react with the dress. This aspect many-a-times makes your dress fade, lose softness and even cause shrinkage. Choosing the best dry cleaning firms gives an added advantage that they ensure using passive cleaning solutions that do not chemically react with the fabric. This means your expensive dress is going to look great forever.
  • A common problem with wedding dresses is that the fabric shrinks slightly. This usually occurs when fibres within encounter water in the form of sweat, rain or spilt liquid. Fortunately, there are dry cleaning professionals who offer patented processes to restore the material to its original size. To make your wedding dress restored to its original size, it’s better to contact specialist dry cleaners.
  • In order to avoid the infestation of light, dust and mould, it is vital to preserving the dress carefully. Finding a dry cleaning service offering preservation packages will make your dress stay cleaner and preservation more successful. Among the different ways available to store the dress, the professional packaging helps best protect the dress from dirt and dust without standing any risk of being creased.
  • Lastly, the aspect that distinguishes a good cleaning firm is the level of customer care. Besides providing a professional cleaning service, Laundry Beckenham that provides free pick-up and delivery service is the ideal choice.

Instead of spending time and energy cleaning your precious wedding dress at home all by yourself, opt for a professional dry cleaning service in London. Hamlet Laundry is one such firm offering efficient and most ideal dry cleaning service in London. Our professional touch will help keep your wedding dress looking brand new for years. Reach out at 020 80508031 to avail of our cleaning service.

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