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Machine Wash or Dry Clean for a Comforter?

Machine Wash or Dry Clean for a Comforter?
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A Comforter is a quilt or duvet-like fabric that we use as bedding to keep us warm and give us cozy and comfy feelings. Generally, it’s made from delicate fabrics like wool, silk, down feathers, or polyester. As we know, people spend one-third of their life sleeping, which means a comforter is one of the most useful materials in our life. According to Science Daily,

“An adult human loses around 200 million dead cells in a day which means around 70 million of them we lose in our bed while sleeping. Dead cells are ideal food for dust mites, therefore can turn our bed into a mite colony within a couple of days.”

On the other hand, The Health Journal says, –

“An average human being loses around 200-300 ml wet overnight”

And our comforters absorb most of them which creates an ideal world for mites and germs to grow. Plus, this wet or liquids evaporate every morning that causes shrinkage to our comforter. And thus, a comforter loses its suppleness and becomes stiff gradually. As a result, it loses its warmth and we can’t sleep comfortably as before.

So, to stay away from allergies (or other skin diseases) and for a sound sleep, it’s imperative to keep our comforter neat and clean. People sometimes ask that- “How many times should I wash my comforter in a year?” It depends on how much you are used to using your comforter. In terms of normal use, Hamlet Laundry recommends washing a comforter at least 3 times a year, for secondary use washing a comforter 4-6 times a year, and for extreme use washing a comforter 8-12 times a year.

Now, the question is- Which way should you proceed, Machine wash or Dry Clean for your comforter? Well, whether you opt for machine washing or dry cleaning, depends on the material that your garment is made from. As mentioned above, a comforter is, generally contains wool, silk, down feathers, and polyester. Therefore, it’s a better option to dry clean a comforter (except a silk-made one). Here, you will find some information on Why you should choose a dry-cleaning service for a comforter. 

Dry Cleaning-

Retains suppleness

As we said earlier, your comforter contains the most delicate fabrics. They are wool, velvet, and silk which never should be washed in a washing machine. Because traditional washing might sabotage your this bedding garment by weakening the fiber. This also removes suppleness from the garments as well.

On the other hand, Dry Cleaning doesn’t use any liquids for washing. Rather, It uses perc or perchloroethylene as solvents to clean your comforter which helps to retain the suppleness of your bedding that gives you an “ahh” feeling in the morning.

Protects Shrinkage

You may think of machine washing for your comforter. Hence, you stuff your bedding into the washing machine. But as your washing machine has limited space inside you can’t tumble them thoroughly. As a result, your bedding garment shrinks and loses its fiber durability.  Thus, you may ruin your expensive investment.

Besides, Dry cleaners have enough space in their machines. They conduct dry cleaning at the right temperature depending on your bedding tags or materials and your comforter stays away from shrinkage. Thus, Dry cleaning extends your garments’ life.

Protects the color

Comforter is not only a bedding material but also an important part of our home decoration. So, it is always important to maintain its color as well. Normal washing or machine washing can discolor your expensive garments while dry cleaning retains its natural color and protects from any kind of contamination.

Removes odors

Since it is one of the most useful bedding materials in our home, it is more likely to be contaminated with sweat and wet releases from our bodies during sleep. So, It’s normal for a comforter to spread bed smell all around the room, if we don’t wash them on time. If you conduct a machine wash for your comforter due to limited space inside, you won’t be able to wash it thoroughly. Subsequently, It will spread odor continuously.

On the contrary, in terms of dry cleaning, dry cleaners have giant machines and they can conduct dry cleaning perfectly and flawlessly. Plus, they use appropriate fabric softeners with natural flavors.  As a result, your comforter becomes clean and odor free.

Saves your home appliances

We may opt for a machine wash to clean your comforter because dry cleaning might seem expensive to you. But this little saving plan can ruin your thousand pounds of money. In some cases, people try to wash their comforters with their washing machine and it damages their washing machine due to heavy load and thus malfunctioning occurs. In some cases, both their washing machine and comforter got damaged.

But, In terms of dry cleaning, you don’t have to think about your home appliance. Just pick a dry cleaner and they will care for the rest.

Touch of experts

Not every one of us is a laundry and dry-cleaning expert. But all we can do is -pick the best possible way to clean our comforter. When we consider a machine wash it becomes a risk for our bedding. Because we don’t know what is appropriate for which fabrics are in critical condition. Moreover, you already know about the other drawbacks of machine washing from the above discussion.

On the contrary, when we opt for dry cleaning. It’s become the safest way to deal with our expensive and delicate comforter. Because dry cleaners have professional expertise in this particular method. They know about the fabrics better than us. In this case, our comforter gets the touch of experts and we get a cozy and comfy comforter after cleaning.

Fast process

Cleaning a comforter by the washing machine and drying it on the clothesline is a lengthy process. Sometimes, it takes 2-3 days to dry fully.

However, Dry cleaning is a fast process compared to machine washing.  Generally, Dry Cleaners take only a day to clean your comforter completely and return it to your hand within 24 hours time frame as Hamlet Laundry does. So, in terms of emergency or to save time choosing a dry cleaner is a wise decision.

Reduce your hassle

Dragging a comforter and washing through a washing machine is a hassle. It may ruin your mood and even your day in some cases.

But, if you go for a dry cleaner they pick it from your home, then clean it thoroughly and bring it back to you as a brand new one! So, choose a dry cleaner and reduce your hassle!

Final tips

We all want to sleep in a very fluffy and pulpy comforter so that our body can recover to normal condition after a whole day of working. But you are too busy with your job to focus on household chores like the maintenance of a comforter that’s why Hamlet laundry is here to help. Hamlet laundry is a laundry and dry-cleaning service in London that provides the best dry-cleaning service for your comforter.

We have a highly qualified team of personnel who work tirelessly to keep your garments clean maintaining their color and fiber quality. We offer free pick-up and delivery service all over London in a 24-hour time frame. To check our services and prices you can visit here.

However, if you’re outside London Hamlet laundry can still help. Read our blogs and articles on laundry and outfits from anywhere in the world.

Stay tuned!

Jahid Hamlet

Jahid Hamlet

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