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How to Wash Your Bed Pillows

How to Wash Your Bed Pillows
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Having a good pillow is the prerequisite for sound sleep.  Pillows not only play an essential role in our sleeping but also enhance the elegance of our interior decoration. They support our head and neck to remain in the right position and have a good sleep at night. Since Pillows are the most useful components, they are vulnerable to accumulating dirt, sweat, mold and grimes more often than any other garments in our home. As a result,  it is important to keep them neat and clean on a regular basis. Now, let’s have some tips and tricks on how to wash your bed pillows step by step. 

Step 1: Check the Care Label

Before you start washing, check the care level of your bed pillows. There are several types of fabrics used to make a pillow. It could be cotton, polyester, linen, wool or velvet. Different types of fabric need a different way of treatment. So, go through the care level first, your pillow’s manufacturer must have left some important instructions there. If you don’t find them, go to the internet and search for the right process for your fabric. learn them and proceed accordingly. 

Step 2: Remove the Pillowcase 

Pillow and pillowcases are two different things. So, do their treatment as well. Therefore, remove the pillowcase before you wash your bed pillows and treat them separately according to the fabric quality or their care level.

Step 3: Pre-Treat 

If there is any grain or dust-like atomic substance then shake your pillow properly before soaking it so that this grain-like dirt can fall off to the ground. For stubborn stains, soak the pillow in cool water for around 30 to 60 minutes, it will help it to break stains and ease the cleaning process. You can also use some stain-removing spray on it to make the process easier. 

Step 4: Wash your pillows 

Put your pillows in the washing machine, and mix the right amount of detergent on them. In terms of selecting detergent, always follow the care level instructions. Avoid regular and harsh detergents to wash your pillows because they are extremely harmful to your delicate garments.  Now load a gentle cycle and make sure there is enough space inside the machine. If possible you can put some dryer balls while the cycle is on. They will help your pillows to fluff properly. 

Step 5: Rinse Thoroughly

Once a washing cycle is done, run some extra cycles to make sure that all the detergents are removed from your pillows properly. Now, rinse your pillows thoroughly to remove any residue and clean the dirt from them. 

Step 6: Dry the Pillows

After washing your pillows squeeze them to remove the excess water. Dry them in a dry and well-ventilated place under the sunlight. If it is hard to do so, then you can go for a dryer. Put your pillows in the dryer and set a low heat setting to dry your pillows for a few hours. Never rush to dry your pillows, if you set a high heat temperature to dry your pillow quickly this may ruin your fabric. so be careful about heat. 

Step 7: Fluff the Pillows

Once you maintain all the procedures it is time to fluff the pillows. Fluffing is an effective way to restore the shape of these garments. To fluff, take your pillow in your hand, squeeze from both sides and punch in the middle. If there are any clumps formed anywhere in the pillow then punch it to break and restore its shape. 

Step 8: Pillow Cleaning Service

You might be busy and haven’t much time to care for your pillow but need a comfortable sleep at night. In this case, you should consider a pillow washing service like Hamlet laundry. A professional pillow cleaning or pillow washing service cleans your pillow thoroughly and delivers it to you within a day. So, if you want to avoid this hassle then consult Hamlet Laundry in London. If you’re outside of London then search for a pillow cleaning service near me and choose the best one from the web. 
Jahid Hasan

Jahid Hasan

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