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Do’s and Don’ts while cleaning Curtains

Do’s and Don’ts while cleaning Curtains

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Have you noticed the dust on your beautiful curtains? Curtains enhance the interior of your space and it’s important to clean them periodically. You can wash them at home or outsource the help from Hamlet laundry for the best results.

Check out some Do’s and Don’ts while cleaning Curtains

Dry clean

Ignore washing your curtains, even if the curtain fabric is washable. Choose dry cleaning, it will keep the curtain fabric quality the same.


Special Fabrics

If you have velvet draperies, no need to wash or dry- clean them. Take a chamois cloth dipped in hot water and brush the curtains thoroughly.  For silk fabric, take lukewarm water, add detergent and wash it gently. If you don’t want to take risk of losing the fabric quality, give it to the Hamlet laundry – the best laundry service in London.

Sun Exposure

Constant contact with sun rays can damage the fabric quality and makes it fragile. To dry your curtains or draperies, use a clothes dryer on no-heat mode or hang on a clothesline.

Sheer Curtains

One should wash sheer curtains regularly. They usually don’t look dirty, but if you don’t wash them on time they can be discolored permanently.  Take cold water, soak the fabric in it for 5 minutes. You can add a mild detergent. Run the machine on gentle wash for 2-3 minutes.

Put the dryer on a no-heat and dry the fabric. You can hang the slightly damp curtain to pull it in the shape. Besides this, you can iron the hems of the hanging curtains. Place your order with Hamlet laundry to get clean and pleated draperies.

Regular Cleaning

After deep cleaning, it is important to dust curtains and drapes with a vacuum cleaner or use a synthetic fabric broom.

While using a vacuum cleaner use a plastic screen between the nozzle and fabric for safe and better cleaning.  If it is possible, hang them on a clothesline or put the curtains in the no-heat dryer after washing.

It is quite challenging to maintain those long draperies and curtains at home. You should read the fabric label before hand- washing them directly. According to experts, dry cleaning is the best way to clean and wash your curtains.

If you want to outsource help, place your order at Hamlet laundry. It is the best laundry in London with 24*7 services. You can place your order via the website or using the app.



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