Best Laundry Service and Dry Cleaning in Aldwych

Best Laundry Service and Dry Cleaning in Aldwych

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Hamlet Laundry has created a reputation within the industry as likely one of the best dry cleaners in Aldwych, London. We only apply the best chemicals for safe stain reduction. Your stained things such as clothes will be treated with industry-leading chemicals. We assure you that all stain reduction chemicals utilized are safe and provide outstanding stain removal. By Operating mostly steam only together with an experienced hand, we will softly press your things such as clothes. We also provide iron service, we do not hold much heat and thus save your garments such as clothes from the dreaded ‘shining’ on darker garments. We take customer satisfaction in quality management. Your things will be hand-finished, brushed, lint released, de-bobbled, and checked vigorously before being packaged properly.

All types of service we launch are checked completely at our works place that we call a laundry plant with a certain priority that is First, we inspect ‘Spotting’ to remove stains without any harm, We supply Full cleaning in eco-friendly machinery and then we Pressing and hand-finishing involving an Advanced Press. We must supply the last inspection process and are comfortable from my side then your clothes are packed for delivery purposes.

About our Company

We pick your dirty clothes, wash them with an Advanced technical method that fulfils the international standard, and deliver them in the right manner is an embalmed box. Our cleaning professionals confirm that everything goes as per client demands. It is the need to help you with approvingly advanced services that we include adroit technology in our working method. With our advanced laundry in Aldwych, you can contact us at a reasonable time. 

our company provides a vast range of services to the customer. We supply the high-grade laundry service for carpets, curtains, shirts, bedcovers, party wear, bedding, wedding dresses, casual clothes, and many more. Our tools guarantee that you acquire your treasured things unharmed and nicely handled. Hamlet Laundry offers free-of-cost Pickup and delivery of garments in Aldwych, London. From designer coats to regular laundry and bed garments, we can clean a wide variety of things all supplied with a high-quality finish at a time, and deliver those garments as per schedule time. 

Cleaning, folding, washing, drying, and ironing are essential household activities. But, it’s a time-consuming experience and in this active life, it’s really challenging to handle time for these duties. However, an experienced laundry service can help you deal with these challenging chores. We at Laundry Revolutions deliver the entire cleaning and ironing service with personalized care. Since our specialists are trained to deliver the most useful laundry solution, you can trust us. We provide 100% customer fulfilment is guaranteed and our wide clientele arrives through suggestions. If you examine for a laundry pickup service in Aldwych, contact us or reserve our service online.

Why Need Us

We Hamlet Laundry understands the client’s problems concerning hygiene and safety, seriously during a pandemic. We strictly follow covid-19 systems, maintaining our service to international standards. laundry service plays a very important role in supporting and maintaining the health and hygiene of your family. To supply relaxed surroundings to your family, and if you’re analyzing quality service then you should select Hamlet Laundry.

Some customers understand that Laundering clothes say to be an easy chore-like simply putting the garments into the washing machine, adding the detergent, and pressing the button. But it is simply after accidentally shrinking your pullover or destroying your stained t-shirt, that you recognize it is more difficult than it appears. If you understand the importance of laundry or dry cleaning, then if you want to contact us then go to the website. If the label displays dry clean only, follow it to stop pushing damage to your fabric. then it is simply the advice you give, so you can either hand wash it or operate the laundry services to dry clean it. We are here to help you with all your problems.

If you are ever scared of doing your laundry the incorrect method, then go to our website and put a dry cleaning online order at Hamlet Laundry, and benefit from the laundry & dry cleaning services in Aldwych. The most suitable dry cleaners in Aldwych, London guarantee to supply you with a spotless cleaning of your stained and polluted dresses as well. The Dry cleaning service handles the dirt on your garments especially and desires to offer you the best laundry service along with a free doorstep pick-up and delivery facility in Aldwych, London. We also provide professional Care, We offer a broad variety of showcasing services and the proper care needed for your garments. We have professionals and experts to deal with your garments in the most suitable way.

We always provide AFFORDABLE Pricing, We try to surpass customers’ wishes by providing exceptional services that are extremely pocket-accommodating. We deliver the most suitable moderate rates for Dry-cleaning and Laundry services in Aldwych. To support you with preserving huge amounts of money, you can peruse our different packages.


We employ only eco-friendly chemicals from laundry to dry-cleaning processes for your special clothes. Chemicals that are not only gentle to garments and efficient in cleaning but at the same time don’t damage our surroundings.


You can visit our website and reserve Online Laundry or Dry-Cleaning services after completing the process, our driver will hand it over to you. 


We have fabric professionals, who are skillfully or qualified trained and have the hands-on knowledge to negotiate with any stain or cleaning service needed for your favourite fabric cloths. Dry cleaning is often suggested for soft and silky clothes. Routine cleaning techniques can harm fabrics such as silk, wool, linen, and other delicate fabrics cloth. Garments such as party wear, and wedding gowns are shortened significantly with sequins which require care while washing. For those soft and light clothes, dry washing technology operates the most suitable. It allows converting the original quality, and texture of fabric while cleaning off dirt, dust, and stain and avoiding germs. 



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