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6 Easy DIY Steps To Give Your Laundry Room Some Love During Quarantine

6 Easy DIY Steps To Give Your Laundry Room Some Love During Quarantine
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In this COVID-19 era, you’re probably doing more laundry than ever before. So why not make your laundry room a brighter and better space to spend time in?’

Laundry rooms are notoriously cheerless spaces, but with all the extra laundry you are doing in this era of COVID-19? Chances are you’re spending more time in the laundry room than ever before.

We wanted to help you make your laundry room a brighter and better space, so we called in a few expert designers. Here are six easy steps you can tackle during quarantine to transform your laundry room.

  1. Upgrade your overhead lighting


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Most of us are still rocking those old fluorescent lights, but swapping them out can do wonders for a gloomy laundry room.

“Fluorescent lighting tends to give a harsh, industrial look to a room,” says Ketty of the Hamlet Laundry Designer.

“Laundry rooms are often a neglected area where little touches make a big difference,” she adds. “Upgrading your light fixture and changing the bulb to an LED can give the space a sense of character, while adding the visual benefit of a softer glow in the room.”

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2. Think about your storage bins

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“Purchasing storage bins that fit both your needs and your style is a simple way to give your laundry room the look you want,” says Noel from Hamlet Laundry Ltd.

“Laundry rooms can feel cold and impersonal, but they don’t have to—you can completely change the feeling of the space by incorporating unique touches.”

Noel recommends snagging a few cute cloth laundry bins, like these Honey-Can-Do Hampers from Bed Bath & Beyond, and then adding in some decorative canisters like these glass jars, to store laundry products.

3. Create space with a folding station

contemporary laundry room

If your current folding station is the kitchen table, it’s time to upgrade to a place where you can actually organise your clothes—without getting in the way of dinner.

“Building a drop-down folding station is a simple project that will go a long way in terms of functionality,” says the designer Lanna Ali-Hassan, of Hamlet Laundry Ltd.

“Fold your clothes straight out of the dryer, rather than lugging a laundry basket around your home and losing clothes along the way.”

Feeling really inspired? Dress up the bottom of the folding station with wallpaper, so that it becomes a design element in its upright position, she suggests.

4.  Get a fresh new look with repainted cabinets

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Here’s another easy way to transform your laundry room from a dingy basement suite into a room you actually enjoy: Give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint.

“Repainting tired cabinets instantly brightens a room, and gives it a clean look,” Ketty says.

You can go the traditional route of  painting your cabinets with latest paint, or for something a little bolder, try chalk paint, Ketty suggests. Chalk paint is great for small projects like laundry room cabinets, because no prep work is required.

5. Add a space-saving drying rack

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Need more space to hang-dry clothes, but tired of those ugly wire hangers? This DIY drying rack might just be the perfect project.

“An even better solution is a fold-down drying rack that only takes up space when it’s in use,” says Hassan.

Just be sure you’re installing the rack in an area that’s easily accessible, but also out of the way when it’s folded down.

6. Get organized with a custom countertop

farmhouse laundry room 1

“If you’re feeling especially handy, installing a counter-top over the top of your washer and dryer is an excellent way to eliminate otherwise wasted space,” says Hassan.

“The extra counter-top space gives you a multipurpose area where you can fold clothes, store detergent, and even treat stained clothing prior to washing.”

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