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Locations We Serve in London – Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service

Locations We Serve in London – Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service
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Finding a trustworthy and high-quality laundry and dry cleaner is crucial if you care about the cleanliness and freshness of clothing. Hamlet Laundry is pleased to introduce you to the finest laundry and dry cleaner in all suburbs of London, where we emphasize quality and client happiness.


We guarantee that our laundry and dry cleaning service will handle your clothes with the utmost care and attention. Our dedication to providing exceptional service sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

We know that your garments are more than simply pieces of fabric; they are also cherished items that warrant our utmost respect.

Our Process of Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Apart from our competitors, we follow state-of-art technology to safely eliminate stains, odours, and filth while protecting the fabric of your garments. We use the most cutting-edge methods and the highest-quality green-certified detergents in the business. The steps of our cleaning procedure are as follows:

Step 1- Sorting

Once we received your clothes, we categorize the laundry by color, fabric type, and care instructions. This guarantees that each piece of clothing is properly cared for and helps to prevent any bleeding of colors.

Step 2- Stain Treatment

Any stains or spots that can be seen on the garments are pre-treated with stain treatment agents or methods before washing.

Step 3- Washing

After the clothing has been sorted, they are put into industrial washers. We utilize detergents and additives designed for specific fabrics and levels of soiling.

Step 4- Drying

When the washing machine is done, the clothes go to the dryers. The dryers used by the washing service are calibrated to the appropriate temperatures to dry the clothes thoroughly without shrinking or damaging them.

Step 5- Ironing

After drying, clothes that need to be ironed or pressed are separated out. We use industrial irons and steamers to get rid of creases and give your clothes a clean, stunning appearance.

Step 6- Packaging

Once ironing is completed, our professionals utilize hangers or folding boards to keep clothes neat and presentable while they’re being cleaned.

Step 7- Quality Control

We make sure all goods are clean, stains are removed, and clothes are in good condition before returning them to the customer since we work for client happiness.

Step 8- Delivery & Pickup

As per the service agreement, we either delivered clothes to the customer’s designated location or made them available for pickup at the laundry service location.

Finding us the best fit for your cleaning needs? Check out the locations we serve:

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We are committed to making your experience with us simple and stress-free. Our cleaning services are second to none, and we back them up with affordable rates, instant discounts for first-time customers, and quick turnaround times. 

So, if you want your clothes to look and feel great, contact us at Hamlet Laundry for pick & drop requests from our website, or our mobile app. 



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