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Best Laundry Service and Dry Cleaning in Beddington

Best Laundry Service and Dry Cleaning in Beddington
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Hamlet Laundry provides the best laundry & dry cleaning service in  Beddington. We are available 24×7, and you can carry our service online bookings According to your convenience through our website or can contact any moment, we also supply customer help. 

Our Service

We always treat all clothes whether it is everyday usage garments or your famous designer clothes with excessive care and safety because our workers have an understanding of working fine care of your garments.

The Developed machines we operate for washing clothes are always observing international standards. We always operate special detergents that contain german nanotechnology, to ensure that the best quality and feel post-wash. We always take care of our standing as leading laundry services in Beddington.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a process where clothes are washed using some important chemical solvent. We deliver a HydroCarbon machine, to process your Light dress, we always pursue the international traditional procedure. We have the most acceptable Laundry establishments and our Experts who are capable to handle costly and exposed fabric cloths. 

We also deliver advanced cleaning skills for your unique wedding dress that glimpses like the new one.


Hamlet Laundry’s experienced laundry service will transform your quality clothes into a brand new ones. We can handle all types of dresses.

Our fabric experts can darn the damages and hide them in the most suitable way that they will be hidden.



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