Why Choose Us For Your Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning?

  • After your wedding day, no doubt you wish to have your special dress restored. Hamlet Laundry offers a wedding dress dry-cleaning service.
  • Hamlet Laundry will spot clean your dress by hand ( if require)  and treat individual stains before dry cleaning your dress.
  • With Hamlet Laundry you can choose how your dress is returned to you; in a presentation box with tissue paper or hanging as you prefer.
  • You can rest assured that Hamlet Laundry will apply their skills and experience to clean your wedding dress to the highest standard possible.



Beautiful Storage Boxes from £50 Only  



Free pick-up & delivery to your home or office
48h turnaround available with our service
Pick-up & delivery times from 7a.m. to 11p.m.
Next day Laundromat service city of London

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Price List

Wedding dress - Premium £220.00
Wedding dress - Classic £195.00
Wedding dress - Delicate £250.00
Wedding dress - Standard £150.00
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