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The Unknown Danger of Dirty Curtains

The Unknown Danger of Dirty Curtains
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Not every garment in our home we consider for decoration but curtains. Curtains increase the quality of the ambience of our home. It shows our test, how artistic we are and of course reveals our personality. However, though it is an important garment for our household, it still remains neglected compared to other garments like pants, shirts, ties, coats and jackets etc. We are used to caring for our attire which we have to wear every day but we don’t usually care for our curtains. But remember they protect from germs and diseases by restraining dust and dirt.

So, for a healthy and hygienic life besides other garments, we should prioritize curtain cleaning as well. Now we will focus on the unknown danger of dirty curtains. Some potential danger of dirty curtains is- 

Dust Mite and Allergens in Dirty Curtains

Generally, we use curtains beside doors and windows. That means they are more likely to be exposed to the outside weather. It works like a shield of our house or wherever we use it and face dust, dirt, cold breeze, direct sunlight and heat. As a result, it bears more load than any other garments in our house. 

However, Curtain is like a magnet. It attracts dust mites and allergens as a magnet attracts iron. Since a curtain is made from fabric, it accumulates these tiny atoms like dust and allergens quickly. Sometimes, We use cotton-made curtains which are the worst defenders of dust and tiny objects.

Dust mites and allergens are pathogenic. They can easily be inhaled by humans and cause sneezing, coughing, and runny noses which endanger our respiratory system. Plus, they are allergic too! Our skin can badly react against dust mites and allergens.

To avoid these unwanted dust and allergens, Hamlet Laundry recommends –

Brushing up the curtains at least 2 times a month and cleaning them at least 4 times a year. 

Breed Mold and Mildews

Mold and mildews are, basically, fungi. They produce in damp, humid and wet conditions. A curtain can be an ideal place to grow molds in the presence of dust and moisture. Because dust and wet conditions help them thrive to increase their population. Thus a dirty curtain helps to breed mold and mildews on it. 

However, some of us use curtains beside a bathtub or in the bathroom. As we know a bathroom has always been a wet place so mold can grow there easily and thus weaken our curtain’s fabric. Consequently, we lose our expensive investment. 

Hamlet laundry, in that case, suggests that

“To maintain a hygienic environment in a shower-room, people should clean curtains at least once in a month that are in the moist area”.  

Virus and Bacteria 

Covid-19 has shown us our failings and drawbacks in health and hygiene. Anyway, dirty garments like dirty curtains are most vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. A dirty curtain is also an ideal place to grow viruses and bacteria like mold and fungi. We know how dangerous viruses can be in the recent pandemic around the world. A small dirty curtain can endanger our and our family’s lives too.

So, to be safe and secure curtain cleaning should be a most prioritized task as laundry. 

Pest and Bugs

A Dirty is an ideal place for pests and bug-like insects. Insects and bugs take shelter on the curtain at night and spread poisonous chemicals. Thus the fabric quality gradually of a curtain got contaminated and lost its quality over time. 

Spreads Bad Smell

Curtains are, generally, used to decorate the interior part of a house. But what if they ruined one’s impression instead? 

That’s exactly what dirty curtains do. As dirt, dust mites, mold, bacteria, germ and fungus-like organisms invade their surface they become contaminated and hence spread a bad smell. This bad smell might ruin your guest’s impression towards you.

If you want to get rid of this embarrassing situation then visit here.

Threatening for Old people 

Every old man is like a child, they need extra care like a baby. If you have a dirty curtain in your house it can spread diseases. For instance, it can easily harm elderly people’s respiratory systems who live in your house. As a result, asthma, chronic cough, tuberculosis and even lung cancer can be suffered by these people which are life-threatening!

Harmful to Toddlers’ Health 

Kids are the most beloved and adored humans in every house. They are curious humans. They want to test everything! Dirty curtains can be harmful to toddlers’ health in this sense. Because they love to explore and toddle over the house. If they push a dirty curtain into their mouth at once, germs and dust will easily enter through their nostrils and will sabotage their respiratory system. Not only that, one of the chances is that dirty curtains can harm their skin too.


Though the problems with a dirty curtain are many, the solution for that is quite simple. Maintain hygiene every day and clean your curtain regularly. 

However, if you are too busy to wash and take care of your curtains, consult Hamlet laundry and explore a one-stop laundry solution!

Jahid Hasan

Jahid Hasan

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