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How to Remove Blood Stains from Your Clothes

How to Remove Blood Stains from Your Clothes

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Blood is always a horrible thing to most of us, because it is frightening. Blood not only frightens us but also sabotages our clothes as well. It is very common that sometimes whether it is nosebleed or a cut or a menstrual cycle,  your blood ends up on your favorite outwear. This is quite difficult to erase and can ruin your clothes terribly if you don’t work promptly on it.  However, in this blog we are going to share some steps on how to remove blood stains  from your clothes effectively step by step.

Know your garments 

Since you wear a garment you should know about it. Because knowing your garments level or fabric quality makes you wise to use your clothes effectively. It also helps you on how to protect your garments’ quality and how you should wash them in different cases.

Act quickly

The key to removing any stain is to act quickly. If your cloth is stained with blood or something- don’t wait. The more you delay, the more stains get time to set on your fabric. So as soon as you notice the stain take necessary action promptly. 

Blot the stain 

Once you notice the stain, take a fresh tissue or soft cloth immediately and blot the stain. Blot gently until no further  liquid can be absorbed. 

In this case, keep in mind never opt for rubbing or scrubbing the blood stain. Because , these techniques may help the stain to deep down further and settle there. 

Use salt and cold water

Salt does a great help to remove blood stains. Because it is an effective material to weaken blood. So, if you find a fresh blood stain on your cloth then sprinkle some salts over the stain.  Or you can make a solution using salt and cool water then soak the stained clothes more or less 30 minutes into it. Then rinse your cloth thoroughly using cool water.

Apply vinegar

Vinegar is also another effective cleaning agent against blood stain. In terms of this, first of all make a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water. Then apply the vinegar solution directly over the stained area. Let it be there for 30 minutes. Now, rinse your cloth multiple times to remove the blood stain.

Wash with laundry detergent

After erasing the blood stain, wash your garments with soft and mild detergents which is appropriate according to the garment’s level. If the stain is still visible then repeat it multiple times or follow the next steps.

Use dish soap

Dish soap is also a proven thing against blood stain. You can also consider dish soap as well to remove the blood stain from your cloth. 

Use hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a very harsh but effective chemical for removing any kinds of stain. After maintaining the above steps if you still find the blood stain on your cloth then use hydrogen peroxide. Apply a small amount of this chemical and let it be there for a few minutes. Then rinse your cloth using cool water. 

In this process, remember that Hydrogen peroxide is not safe for your skin. It may cause irritation or allergy. So, use this chemical wisely while removing the blood stain.

Use enzyme cleaner

Enzyme cleaner is highly effective against organic stains like blood. They are designed to break or weaken organic chemicals. So, if your stain is extremely stubborn you can use it instead of Hydrogen peroxide. 

Avoid using hot water and heat

Any type of stain is extremely dangerous with hot water and heat. Because, both hot water and heat help the stain to set down permanently on the cloth instead of erasing. Therefore, try to avoid using hot water and heat too! 

Consult a professional laundry service

Not everyone is expert in doing laundry or removing stains from garments. Moreover, most of the people don’t have enough time to care about stains. Whatever your case is whether  your clothes got stained by blood or you fail to remove the blood stain from clothes also if you don’t have enough time to care about your stained clothes the solution is one – consult a professional laundry service. 

For Londoners, Hamlet Laundry is the best option out there in every corner of london. Hamlet Laundry is a professional laundry and dry cleaning service providing the top notch laundry service with 100% customer satisfaction. So, whenever it is questioned how to remove blood stains from your clothes in London. Then the answer is consult Hamlet Laundry and get cleaned, ironed and folded clothes to your doorstep within a 24 hour timeframe. 

Jahid Hamlet

Jahid Hamlet

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