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Effective Ways to Wash and Clean Your Bed Sheets

Effective Ways to Wash and Clean Your Bed Sheets
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Bed sheets are the basic bedding garment in our room that we place upon the mattress to create a comfortable environment for sleeping. Neat and clean bed sheets is a prerequisite factor which contributes an important role to good sleep. It gives us a cozy and comfy feeling while sleeping and keeps us warm in winter and cool in summer. Since we sleep every day and use it for sleeping, that’s why it is much more vulnerable to contamination by dead cells,  dirt, dust and sweat-like liquids than any other garments in our home.  To ensure a good night’s sleep we need to keep it fresh, clean and comfortable. This blog is going to discuss the effective ways to wash and clean your bed sheets. 

Read the care label

Before washing or cleaning anything it’s important to read the care label of the garments. Because the manufacturer always puts something there so that you have some proper instructions to deal with your garments. However, there are different types of bed sheets available in the market. Like- 

  1. Natural Linen Fitted Sheet.
  2. Linen Flat Sheet 
  3. Microfiber Bed Sheet 
  4. Cotton Fitted Sheet 
  5. Microfiber Flat Sheet 
  6. Cotton Flat Sheet 
  7. Silk Sheet etc.

Different types of bed sheets require different types of temperatures, detergent and even different wash cycles as well. Therefore, read the care label, know your material and wash and clean accordingly. Following the instructions will prevent possible damage and thus ensure your garment’s longevity.

Wash your bed sheets frequently

According to the Guardian, an average person spends ⅓ of his lifetime sleeping. That means ⅓ of our lifetime we lay over bed sheets. So, it’s important to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your bed sheets to maintain good health. Therefore, to avoid any unexpected diseases, wash your bed sheets regularly. Hamlet Laundry suggests washing your bed sheets at least once a week or once every two weeks. If you have any diseases or skin diseases like allergies or respiratory problems then wash your bed sheets more frequently like 2 or even 3 times a week. 

Sort your laundry

You may have multiple bed sheets in different colors. If you want to wash them all then first of all sort your laundry. Or, you may want to wash all your clothes together including your bed sheets. In this case, be aware of the colors as well. Because, if you wash them together,  different colors may contaminate each other which will be a huge loss for you! So separate dark-coloured or deep-coloured clothes from light-coloured clothes then proceed with the rest. Also, keep in mind some of your clothes may lint.  Separate those from the normal ones. 

Treat stains immediately

If you notice any stains or spots on your clothes then do not wait. Rather, treat the stain immediately. Because, the more you wait, the less the possibility will be to remove stains from your cloth. There are different stain removing agents available in the market, choose an appropriate one and treat the stain as soon as possible. 

Use a gentle detergent

Since you already have gone through the care label of your garments that means you already know which detergent is appropriate for your fabrics. Then again avoid harsh detergents to wash your bed sheets and use a gentle detergent. However, for stubborn stains or difficult marks, you can use them carefully to maintain the instructions. If you have a delicate fabric then opt for mild detergents. Also, there are some natural cleaning agents out there like Baking soda or white vinegar you can use to wash your bed sheet. 

Wash in warm water

Wash your bed sheets in warm water. Warm water is enough to remove the stain, dirt and bacteria without damaging the fabric. Some people believe that hot water is more effective to wash clothes. But actually, it’s not. Though hot water can clean your cloth more quickly it does sabotage too. Besides, weakening the stain and dirt hot water ruins your fabric’s durability. So, never try to wash your clothes in hot water. Maintain the temperature range that the garment’s care label allows.

Don’t overload your washing machine

Your washing machine has limited space inside it. To run a proper cycle it needs enough space. So, don’t overload your washing machine while washing your garments. If you have more clothes than a normal cycle can hold, don’t force; run separate loads and make sure to wash properly. 

Dry your bed sheet properly

After washing, now it’s time to dry your garments properly. To dry your clothes, consider sunlight in the first place. Sunlight is healthy for drying your clothes. Because besides killing bacteria, sunlight also freshens up your bed sheets.  So, hang your bed sheets in an open, well-ventilated area and wait for 2-3 hours.

However, if you are unable to do so, then consider a dryer to dry your bed sheets. In this case, dry your clothes using a low setting to avoid shrinking and damage of your fabric. 

Store your bed sheets properly

Storing is always important to maintain the longevity of any cloth. Store your bed sheets properly in a cool and dry place. A dry place will prevent your clothes from mold and mildew forming. Before storing, fold your clothes properly. Keep your garments direct from sunlight. 

Professional Laundry Service

If you are too busy to wash your bed sheets or if your clothes caught a stubborn stain then consider a professional laundry service. Professional laundry service like hamlet laundry offers you an on-demand laundry service within 24 hours time frame to your doorstep. They know what your clothes prefer most and how to deal with stubborn stains without causing any hassle. If you are in London then go here and experience the best laundry service. 


Jahid Hasan

Jahid Hasan

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