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Clothing Hacks with Hamlet Laundry 101

Clothing Hacks with Hamlet Laundry 101

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Clothing Hacks make our life much easier. Your appearance leaves the first impression on people. It communicates your brand and rounds out your presence. With clean clothes, you need to keep certain things in mind to look representable. You can get neat clothes with Hamlet Laundry. To make you all look top-notch, Hamlet Laundry has some clothing hacks for you.

5 Clothing Hacks 

  1. Remove Deodorant Side Marks

Nothing is more embarrassing than having white deodorant lines on a clean shirt. Using a tissue or a wet towel is the worst option. Use a dry sponge, as it removes the stains from the cloth-like magic.

  1. Dirty Shoes

We often forget to polish our shoes in a hurry and walk with sad leather around the city. I have one solution for you to polish your shoe within seconds. The inner lining of a banana can do it for you. Rub the peel all over the shoe and, you are good to go with neat and dust-free shoes.

  1. Anti-Wrinkle

Do you often have to wear wrinkled clothes while traveling? There is no need to carry an iron box every time while traveling. Use a straightener to get wrinkle-free clothes. You can even use it if you are in a hurry while going to the office. A life saver-hack for you.

Moreover, you can get wrinkle-free clothes by giving them to Hamlet Laundry.

  1. Fat Feet

Are you dying to wear those favorite shoes of yours? I have one remedy for you. Take a Ziploc bag, fill the bag with water. Seal them tight and keep them in both shoes and place them in the freezer. Keep it overnight; the water will freeze and automatically expand the shoe size.

You can get the shoe repair done with Hamlet Laundry.

  1. Smelly Pits

That nasty brown-yellow ring around the pits, Yuck! Never wear a shirt with those stains and, also, no need to throw it. Grab that shirt and apply lemon juice to the affected area before washing it. Now, wash the shirt with bleach and dry it under the sun. Sun will help you to get rid of the stain and leave a fresh smell.

Hamlet laundry understands your concern about wearing clean clothes. I hope these tricks will save your time and leave a good impression on people; wherever you go. To get the best laundry in London, place your order with Hamlet Laundry.



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