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Clothes You Shouldn’t Wash With Baking Soda

Clothes You Shouldn’t Wash With Baking Soda
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Baking soda is a popular home ingredient that is frequently used in washing. It is the most common and flexible natural cleaning ingredient with a variety of  uses. These include- odor elimination, stain removal, and fabric softening. However, In terms of some specific clothing items, it should not be used as widely as in other cases. Because, there are several items for which baking soda might be a harmful option that causes discoloration. This article will go through some of these clothes you shouldn’t wash with baking soda.  

Baking soda is abrasive to Delicate clothes

Silk, satin, lace, chiffon, and cashmere are some delicate fabrics which demand special care and attention throughout the laundry process. These fabrics are more vulnerable to damage from abrasive cleaning chemicals. Even though baking soda is known as a gentle cleanser still it could cause a potential risk for these items. Because its particles are abrasive. As a result, they can cause pilling, fraying, or loosening of delicate fibers. Thus they can make the garments less appealing and shorten their lifespan. To preserve the quality of delicate materials and avoid any harm, it is best to use a mild, specialist detergent formulated exclusively for them.

Dark-Colored Clothes

You may have a collection of dark-colored garments, such as black jeans, navy shirts, or dark-colored clothes. You should avoid baking soda in terms of washing them. Because , sometimes it leaves white residue or coating on dark materials. Especially, if it is not completely dissolved or rinsed off during the washing time. This residue becomes evident on black or dark-colored clothes and gives an unpleasant look. To get rid of this problem, use a detergent produced especially for dark-colored clothing. It also helps you to keep their vibrant colors and avoid discoloration.

Stain-Resistant or Waterproof Clothes

Stain-resistant or waterproof clothing, such as jackets, raincoats, or outdoor gear, normally has a protective coating to avoid liquids and prevent discoloration. Washing these items with baking soda can remove the protective layer. Thus they become less efficient at resisting stains or water. Plus, the abrasive nature of baking soda can undermine the fabric’s water-resistant qualities. It can break down the small fibers which create the waterproof barrier. To keep these specialty clothing effective, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. Then work according to them to protect the qualities of your fabric.

Flame-Resistant Clothes

Flame-resistant clothing is a crucial item for those who work in hazardous situations or professions. They can resist ignition and provide protection from fires. These clothing are usually coated with flame-resistant materials, which can be degraded by baking soda. The alkaline features of baking soda’s can react with flame-resistant materials. It eliminates their efficiency and potentially jeopardizes the clothing’s safety features. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s laundry instructions for flame-resistant clothing in order to keep its flame-resistant qualities as well as your safety.


Though baking soda is widely known as a flexible and efficient cleaning solution for a variety of home duties, it is essential to be extra careful while using it for laundry. 

Because it is not a universal clothing cleanser. Therefore, to avoid potential risk damage, color contamination and maintain their protective features delicate textiles, dark-colored clothes, stain-resistant or waterproof garments, and flame-resistant clothing should be treated with extra care. 

Lastly, to ensure the best cleaning results and to protect the quality of clothing and also to enhance the lifespan of your garments, Hamlet Laundry suggests, 

always go through the care labels on your clothing items and follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Thus, You can keep your wardrobe safe and in a perfect shape.  

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