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Best Laundry Services for Hotels

Best Laundry Services for Hotels
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When guests stay in your hotel, it’s the laundry and housekeeping that matters to them, besides food and ambience. Laundry is one of the essential services a hotel offers. A hotel uses laundry every day, from towels, sheets, tablecloths to uniforms, and managing all this requires extensive hard work.

So, the best option for you would be to hire laundry for hotels service to save on labour and costs.

Benefits of hiring our laundry for hotel services

Professional Touch

Hamlet Laundry, your hotel laundry service, cares about you, so when it comes to making a lasting impression on visitors, Hamlet Laundry delivers neatly cleaned, dried, and ironed laundry. We have a highly skilled crew with years of experience in laundry services. Our swanky clean laundry will help improve your hotel’s reputation.

Saving the Cost

A business needs to spend wisely and save a lot for uncertainties. In-house cleaning usually turns out to be a costly affair. Our laundry for hotel service helps in saving costs as we clean laundries through highly advanced technology and washing materials.

No Training Sessions Required

Training the staff to clean laundry in a specialised manner is a costly and time-consuming affair. In fact, hiring laundry for hotels service saves the cost of hiring trainers to train the hotel staff to clean hotel laundry. Hamlet laundry has a professionally trained and highly experienced crew to handle your hotel laundry in bulk.

Customer Satisfaction

Every detail matters when it comes to customer satisfaction. The visitors notice whether they have clean towels, bed sheets, and bathrobes, and whether they are cleaned at the end of the usage, or if the sheets of the bed are changed or not. First-class laundry for hotel service is one of the exceptional ways to keep your customers happy.

Frequently asked questions

Do you use harmful cleaning agents at the shop?

Keeping in mind the fabric of the linen, we use non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals for a safe wash. If required, they are first hand washed to treat individual stains before actual cleaning.

Do you offer any express services?

We offer express laundry for hotel services, wherein your daycare laundry will be delivered to you within a few hours on the same day.

How fast can you pick up and deliver?

Our laundry for hotels service collects dirty, used laundry in 30 minutes and delivers it within 24 hours, neatly washed and dried in a box, on hangers or folded, as desired, thus saving you a lot of time. Our laundry for hotels service is available throughout London.

just imagine how easy it would be if the towels, bed sheets, bathrobes and other hotel laundries are pre-washed, folded, and smelled super excellent and soft!

Our laundry for hotel service is a great way to make your hotel a cheerful and warm place to stay. It is also a way to leave an astounding impression on your customers.

Contact our laundry for hotel services to avail our best services throughout London.



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