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Best Laundry Service and Dry Cleaning in Addington

Best Laundry Service and Dry Cleaning in Addington

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We Hamlet Laundry Established in London, a top cleaning company that can supply a solution to all your laundry and cleaning needs in Addington. This company has been in business for over 20+ years of experience in laundry, so you will believe us as the most satisfactory laundry and dry cleaning service supplying company in Addington.

We guarantee you that your clothes are in safe hands as our professional dry cleaners are trained to supply proper handling, maintenance, and care of your clothes. We are the most versatile best laundry service and dry cleaning company in Addington. Our team is efficient in assuring your schedule collection and delivery.

Our company is continually concentrating on the requirements and satisfaction of customers. Nowadays it becomes quite difficult to manage your busy life schedule to finish all your tasks correctly and manage their home or office properly. Don’t worry, it’s time to relax. We give a simple solution so you may get to experience more relaxation time by sharing some of the workloads with us.

As a facility, we have a trained inspection technique to make sure the quality of wash and Iron. You will agree with us that various types of clothes such as Wedding Dress due to the upholstery and complex designs attached, Dry Cleaning cloths, carpets demand a separate level of care and maintenance. We supply a special service to care for all kinds of clothes you get to us. For Dry cleaning, laundry, or Ironing, we are the most reliable Services providing company in Addington.

For a busy life schedule, now it’s time to extract the tasks that are time-consuming that are laundry, drying, ironing, and proper folding of your clothes. Our aim is to satisfy yourself by transferring your workload with us and getting ready every morning in freshly ironed dresses, which shows you the confidence to face the day. We offer free collection and the best Delivery Services in Addington.

We supply different services that are Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Wash & Iron, Home & Bedding, Rug And Carpet Cleaning, Wedding Dress, and many more.

How does Hamlet Laundry work?

You visit our website, then select your location and follow the order form. As soon as the schedule is done. Then, a driver will arrive at your location to accumulate dirty clothes as per your given scheduled time. After that, you can smoothly track the driver’s location with a given tracking link that is sent to your mobile number. After completing your order process, A driver will try to deliver to your location as per your given scheduled time. 

Also, we will share an invoice with your account. For any kind of help, you can go to our website ‘live-chat’ option. Hope you will enjoy our service.

Why Hamlet Laundry?

  • We have experienced workers who have the proficient ability to handle good care of your dresses. Whether it’s your day-to-day casual wear or your favourite designer dresses, we treat all types of clothes with extreme care and precaution.
  • We have professional employees who have experts in dry cleaning as well as laundry your dresses making them sparklingly clean and stopping them from shrinking. 
  • We always apply the best quality chemicals that are innocuous and keep your colour as well as the quality of clothes.
  • We are providing Eco-friendly cleaning facilities that operate approximately 54% less electricity and water as compared to consumer laundry machines.
  • We are providing reliable service in Addington, but 98.7% of standard dry cleaning and laundry service in Addington is delivered the next day.
  • We timely collect, clean, and deliver your laundry to your given location in 24h.
  • We spend our drivers fair and are proud to work with us and dedicated local cleaning facilities to maintain transport to a minimum.
  • We are aware of our environment so we only use electric delivery vehicles in Addington to reduce electricity and consumption of water and also limit the amount of packaging.
  • Our timing for Pick-up & delivery from 7a.m. to 11p.m.
  • We also offer 48h turnaround available with our service
  • we offer free pick-up & delivery in Addington to your home or office
  • you can call any time for Order

Our Service provides

  • Laundry Service
  • Wash & Iron
  • Iron Only
  • Dry Cleaning Service
  • Home & Bedding
  • Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Service
  • Rug And Carpet Cleaning Service

Laundry Service

Hamlet Laundry is here to provide all your laundry services facilities at your location. We provide a free pick up in Addington, fast cleaning, and drop-off. Our first priority is customer satisfaction. We have a professional team who will clean, iron, and also fold your clothes correctly. If you will require an experienced and Best Laundry Service in Addington with affordable pricing then don’t go anywhere just visit our website.

Wash & Iron

We pay all our concentration to make you look ideal and stand out at any event. We can assure you of the quality and cleanliness of the dresses you get back, and also we don’t apply any toxic chemicals or products that can damage your dresses or quality as well as the environment. Hamlet Laundry always tries to assure you that the clothes you give us will deliver high-quality treatment.

Iron Only

Hamlet Laundry still focuses on customers’ satisfaction and necessities. If you already have washed clothes that only require to be ironed, our team will get to pick up your clothes from your location in Addington. Our top company in the Laundry and Dry Cleaning service sector in Addington, we understand the active schedule of our customers. So we offer the most satisfactory results with affordable pricing per item. You don’t need to wear crumpled dresses anymore that can hurt your charm.

Dry Cleaning Service

Hamlet Laundry gives the most satisfactory with cheap pricing dry cleaning services in Addington.

If you check your clothes for cleaning purposes and you notice a tag that implies ‘dry-clean only’, then it’s safer for you to dry-clean the particular clothes. If you will hand it over to us. We constantly focus to satisfy our customers in a way that far exceeds their expectations.

Home & Bedding

When you reach residence after a tiring day and your bed covers and blankets are dirty and dusty. Don’t take the pressure, With our blanket and bed cover laundry services in Addington, we confirm a clean homely environment for your home with an amazing look that feels your house is in more favorable condition.

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Service

After your wedding day, you desire to have your unique dress restored. Hamlet Laundry provides you with a wedding dress dry-cleaning service in Addington.

You can be guaranteed that Hamlet Laundry will use top-level skills and knowledge to clean your wedding dress without damaging your dress as well as design.



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